ClickandBuy Online Casino & Gambling Site Deposits

ClickandBuy stopped processing transactions in 2016. They operated for over six years and started out in Europe. It is one of Europe’s leading online payment systems that is accepted globally, making it very simple for Internet users to buy and sell products and/or services on the World Wide Web. ClickandBuy had well over 8.65 million customers and provide them with a safe, secure, and very convenient way to purchase goods and services on the Internet.

Since ClickandBuy no longer processes gambling transactions the rest of this article is now outdated. We suggest you look at some of our other recommended gambling deposit methods to find a reliable option.

Using ClickandBuy To Make A Gambling Deposit

It is important to note that online players in the United States are not allowed to use ClickandBuy as a gambling deposit option. This is a result of an Act put into play as of 2006 called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The short form is UIGEA. All other players in other countries may use ClickandBuy for gambling deposits (unless noted elsewhere) by:

  • Opening a ClickandBuy account.
  • Funding the ClickandBuy account.
  • Registering with a gambling provider of preference.
  • Selecting ClickandBuy gambling deposit option for funding to play with.

Where To Get ClickandBuy For Gambling

The steps below show online players where to go and how to get a ClickandBuy account for gambling use. Type into your browser’s address bar the following domain: On the left side of the screen you will see a form and underneath it two blue buttons. Click on the one that says ‘New Registration’.

Proceed to go through their registration process that consists of three steps. The first is the ‘Payment Method’, which is where you will choose with method (debit or credit card, or bank wire transfer or echeck) to fund your account. The second is ‘Profile’, which is where you will fill out your personal information. Lastly, is the ‘Done’, which simply completes your registration for a ClickandBuy account.

Deposit At Clickandbuy Accepted Gambling Sites

Once online players fund their ClickandBuy accounts with a credit card, debit card or other various methods provided by ClickandBuy, then they will need to go to the gambling site of their choice they wish to play at. When arrived at the preferred gambling site, then open an account (if one already registered) and choose the ClickandBuy deposit option as the funding method and proceed from there on.

Benefits Of Using ClickandBuy To Gamble Online

ClickandBuy offers online players the ability to transact securely on the Internet and into gambling sites. Transactions are made in real-time, as well as an overview of those purchases. Online players that use ClickandBuy can fund their accounts and gambling sites with this method without having to directly give their bank or other financial details to the gambling provider directly. It helps to give a level of security for those who may be concerned about credit card or identity theft.