AstroPay Online Casino & Gambling Site Deposits

Payment method: AstroPay Card
Payment type: Virtual prepaid card
Region/country: 70 countries (focus on Central America, South America, Asia)
AstroPay card pros:  

  • Virtual cards can’t be lost or stolen
  • Primarily serves Central America, South America, and Asia
  • Provides a wide variety of funding options in South America, Latin America, and Asia
  • Global and local/regional funding options available
  • Convenient, fast, and easy to use
  • Instant deposits (usually)
  • No personal financial information shared with casino
  • No bank account or credit line needed
  • Prepaid cards can help to limit spending
  • Secure and private transactions
  • Stand-alone prepaid cards provide protection against ID theft and financial fraud
  • AstroPay cards comply with local banking laws in all countries served
  • Enables purchases on foreign websites in foreign currency
  • Widely available to players
  • Accepted by select online gambling sites

AstroPay card cons:

  • Withdrawals from online casinos are not possible.
  • Less widely accepted at online casinos than other virtual prepaid card brands.
  • Currently unavailable in the United States.
  • Limited funding methods available in countries outside of Central America, South America, and Asia.
  • Cards expire 12 months after the date of purchase.
  • Can only be used online where AstroPay is accepted. overview – AstroPay cards:
AstroPay is a brand of virtual prepaid cards that can be used to make secure gambling deposits or other online purchases. Virtual prepaid AstroPay Cards are disposable and not linked to a bank account or a line of credit, providing privacy and financial protection for the cardholder. Based in the U.K., AstroPay is currently available in over 70 countries, with primary markets in Central America, South America, and Asia.
Virtual prepaid cards like AstroPay can be an excellent option for online players who do not have a bank account or a payment/bank card or for those who prefer to keep their financial information confidential. AstroPay can also work for players in countries where other payment options may not be available or work properly, as well as those who wish to make deposits/payments on foreign websites.
The AstroPay website claims that “AstroPay Card is the most popular virtual pre-paid card for making deposits and withdrawals.” This card is generally online-gambling-friendly, and AstroPay won the award for Best Payment Processor at the 2018 International Gaming Awards ceremony.
Virtual prepaid cards – purchasing and using AstroPay Cards
Select reputable online casinos that accept AstroPay inform on their websites that AstroPay Cards are available in denominations ranging from $25 to $500. However, this information is not displayed on the AstroPay Card site.
AstroPay Cards are disposable and not reloadable. When the entire balance is used, the card is no longer valid. You do not need to spend all of the funds on an AstroPay card at one time; you can use an AstroPay card multiple times and on multiple sites until the balance has been depleted.  
You can purchase and use multiple active AstroPay Cards at the same time, although some countries impose limits on the number of cards you can purchase. If you have remaining balances on more than one card, you can choose to merge multiple balances onto one card for increased convenience.
Note: AstroPay Cards expire 12 months after they are issued. If there is an outstanding balance on an AstroPay Card when it expires, a refund is not possible, and the company keeps the money.
Funding AstroPay Cards:
Various funding methods and options are available in different countries depending on the banking and financial regulations as well as AstroPay’s agreements with the associated financial institutions. The company offers more funding options in counties within its main markets, including countries in South America, Central America, and Asia. Below are examples of ways to fund AstroPay Card purchases in select countries.

Funding sources available for purchasing AstroPay Cards in Mexico:
Banamex, Bancomer, Banorte, Spei, OXXO, Santander Mexico, Ripple, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, and Neteller.
Funding sources available for purchasing AstroPay Cards in Brazil:
Bradesco, Banco Brasil, Itaú, Caixa, Santander, and Neteller. Cards are also available through authorized resellers.
Funding sources available for purchasing AstroPay Cards in China:
Huaxia Bank, China Postal Savings Bank, Bank of China, China Citic Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Construction Bank, UnionPay, China Guangfa Bank, Shangai Pudong Dev Bank, Bank of Beijing, Industrial Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, PingAn Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of Shanghai, Agricultural Bank of China, Ripple, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, and Neteller.
Funding sources available for purchasing AstroPay Cards in the U.K., South Africa, and most European countries:
Ripple, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, and Neteller.
Using AstroPay Cards for online gambling deposits
Once you purchase a virtual AstroPay Card, using it to make online gambling deposits is similar to doing so with a credit or a debit card. At online casinos that accept AstroPay Card, simply select AstroPay Card as the payment method and enter your card details like you would for a credit card. Below are detailed instructions for purchasing an AstroPay Card and using it at online gambling sites.  
How to obtain an AstroPay Card:

  1. Register for a free account on the AstroPay Card site or app.
    1. Fill out the online registration form.
    2. Check your email for a new account verification link and follow the instructions to verify your account. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, postal address, phone number, and government ID number.
  2. Purchase an AstroPay Card through the company site or app.
    1. Choose the value and currency of the card you’d like to purchase.
    2. Pay for the card using one of the payment methods available in your country. (Available payment methods are listed by country on the AstroPay Card website.)
    3. Check your email for your new AstroPay card and details, including the 16-digit card number, CVV code, and expiration date.
  3. You can use your new AstroPay card to make a deposit at an online gambling site as soon as you receive your card details via email.

How to make an online gambling deposit with an AstroPay Card:

  1. Log in to your online gambling site.
  2. Go to the casino’s cashier area.
  3. Choose the AstroPay card option.
  4. Select the amount you want to deposit.
  5. Enter the 16-digit number for your AstroPay card along with the expiration date and CVV code (sent to you via email after purchasing the card).
  6. Submit your deposit request.
  7. Start playing as soon as the funds are available in your account!

Funds from AstroPay Card deposits are usually available instantly. It is not possible to withdraw funds to an AstroPay card.
AstroPay Card acceptance at online gambling sites
AstroPay is an accepted payment method at a variety of online casinos worldwide. However, this card is currently not as widely accepted at online gambling sites as some other virtual prepaid card brands, such as EcoPayz or EntroPay.
You can check the Banking and FAQ sections at reputable gambling sites to see if they list AstroPay as an accepted deposit method. AstroPay Card is not a supported withdrawal method at any online gambling sites because it is not possible to add more funds to the card after purchasing it.  
AstroPay acceptance for US players
AstroPay currently does not issue cards in the United States. The US is not included on the company website.
One of our team members located in the United States was able to register an account on the AstroPay site using a US mailing address but was unable to purchase a card. Upon clicking on the “Get a Card” link, the screen went blank, and other features on the site were not functional.
Our team member contacted AstroPay customer support through the site and received a message that said, “We apologize for the inconvenience. We would like to inform you that there are no payment methods available in your country. Thank you for contacting us.”
Once you own an AstroPay card, using it to make a gambling deposit is just as fast and convenient as doing so with a credit or debit card. The only extra step is that of purchasing a virtual prepaid AstroPay Card before making the deposit.  
The AstroPay Card website currently lists 70 countries where AstroPay Cards are available. The company’s main markets are currently South America and Central America. AstroPay has also been ramping up operations in Asia, including China.
AstroPay Cards are available for purchase directly on the company website or through resellers in participating countries. The site is currently available in ten different languages, and AstroPay cards are offered in over ten different currencies.
Our team was unable to find a verifiable list of fees associated with purchasing or using virtual prepaid AstroPay Cards. There are currently no fees published on the company site. The Terms and Conditions refer to “administration fees,” but no further details are provided.
There may be fees charged by banks or payment providers for transferring funds to an AstroPay Card.
The online casinos we reviewed that accept AstroPay Cards do not charge any fees for AstroPay deposits. Information about potential fees can usually be found in the Banking or FAQ section of your online gambling site.
Safety / security
Similar to other virtual prepaid card options, AstroPay is a safe and secure payment method. These cards are not connected to any of your sensitive personal or financial information, eliminating the risk of fraud when making online gambling deposits or purchases.  
AstroPay states on its website that its cards are “Safe – 100% Guaranteed.” However, we were unable to find any details backing this guarantee.
The site also claims that AstroPay is fully compliant with banking regulations in each of the countries where it is available and that user account information is “protected” by the company’s privacy policy. We were unable to locate any information on the site, including in the Privacy Policy, about encryption levels, firewalls, data management, or other security protocols used to protect user data.
The AstroPay website claims that deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly, with no confirmation delays on the part of the company. The site also notes in its Terms and Conditions that there can be delays in funding the card on the part of the financial institution used to add the funds.
Customer service
We were unable to find a phone number for AstroPay Card customer service or a chat function on the company site. When logged in to the site, the “Support” link offers a form to submit a message, and the “Contact” link launches an email client.
We could not locate any information on response times for service issues submitted via form or email. When one of our team members submitted an inquiry through the form on the “Support” link, a response was sent within two hours.
Online casinos do not accept Astropay for withdrawals, so you may not need to provide any additional verification to the casino when using AstroPay Cards for deposits. In case of any issues, the casino may ask you to verify your identity or AstroPay Card. However, most deposit transactions should be instant without the need for additional verification.
Online casino bonuses
AstroPay Cards are considered to be casino-friendly. They are honored at select online casinos, although there are other virtual prepaid card providers that are more widely accepted than AstroPay.
Our team did not find any payment method bonuses offered for using AstroPay to make a deposit. However, check your casino’s Bonuses/Promotions and Payments pages to find out if there are any bonuses or incentives available for using your AstroPay Card.
Any gambling deposits made using your AstroPay Card should count towards the playing requirements for other bonuses and promotions at the casino. Check the Terms and Conditions for payment method bonuses to see if there are any exceptions and to learn about the requirements for redeeming the bonus offer.