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AMERICAN EXPRESS — Payment Method Info Page
Payment method: American Express payment cards (American Express credit cards, American Express prepaid debit cards, American Express gift cards)
Payment type: Credit / debit cards
Region/country: Global (worldwide)
American Express card pros:  

  • Trusted brand
  • Cards issued and accepted worldwide
  • Many different card types and terms to choose from
  • Some card types carry low or no fees
  • Fast, easy, and convenient to use
  • Advanced security and anti-fraud protection
  • Accepted at select online casinos
  • Online gambling deposits usually available instantly
  • Gambling deposit payments eligible for Amex Membership Rewards or cash back

American Express card cons:

  • Some Amex cards may not work at all online betting sites where Amex is accepted
  • Some American Express cards charge fees or may bill gambling deposits as a cash advance on a credit card
  • Not as widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard outside of the US or at online casinos overview – American Express cards:
American Express has been a trusted and elite payment card brand since it was founded in 1850. Known best for the American Express (Amex) charge cards and traveler’s checks, Amex more recently started offering credit cards and gift cards. American Express issues cards in countries throughout the world, and their cards are accepted worldwide, with the United States boasting the highest concentration of locations where Amex is accepted.
As of the beginning of 2018, 112.8 million American Express cards were active worldwide, with 50 million in the United States. While the Visa and Mastercard market in the United States is segmented between major bank brands that issue the cards, American Express still issues a majority of Amex cards directly, giving them a commanding share of the US card market based upon the issuing bank. American Express captured 20% of the credit card market share in 2017, with $686.9 billion in purchase volume. Those statistics position Amex with the largest market share of any bank in the US. JP Morgan Chase was a close second, also at 20% but with $669.9 billion in purchase volume. Citibank ranked third, as a point of comparison, with 11% of the market and $384.6 billion in purchase volume.
When looking at major payment card brand volume instead of issuing bank volume, in 2017, American Express captured a 21 percent share of the overall US credit card purchase volume and 13 percent of the US credit and debit card purchase volume. That places American Express in third position in the United States with a higher purchase volume than Discover, similar to Mastercard, and substantially lower than Visa.
American Express cards are honored at a variety of online casinos worldwide, although Visa and Mastercard cards are more widely accepted.
American Express card types
1) American Express credit cards
American Express is known for their iconic charge cards, including the American Express Green Card, Gold Card, and Platinum Card.
American Express charge cards must be paid off at the end of each month, unlike credit cards that are backed by a revolving line of credit. However, the company has released a variety of new cards and concepts in recent years, including credit cards that operate more like Visa and Mastercard where cardholders can carry a balance on the card against a line of credit.
American Express offers a generous Membership Rewards program on American Express charge cards and some credit cards. Amex also offers cards that are co-branded with airline and hotel partners for travel rewards, cash back, and no-fee credit cards. Card options and terms can be viewed on the American Express website or through banks that are partnered with Amex. The terms and conditions vary by card, and Amex runs special promotions for new applicants.  
American Express credit card fees
The fees for American Express cards vary widely depending on the type of card and the country it was issued in. American Express charges annual “membership fees” for their charge cards and select credit cards, with annual fees that increase as the Amex status level goes up for charge cards. For example, the current annual fee for the Green Card in the US is $95, the Gold Card is $250 per year, and the Platinum Card is $550 a year.
Amex charge cards do not incur any interest fees as the balance needs to be paid off every month. Credit cards charge interest fees on outstanding balances, potential late fees, and foreign transaction fees. Some Amex credit cards do not charge annual fees, however. You can search the company website for different cards with no annual fee or other parameters to view all available options, fees, and terms.
2) American Express prepaid debit cards
American Express currently does not issue debit cards that are linked to a bank account. The company’s banking services offer savings accounts and CD products, but they do not currently provide checking account services or associated debit cards.
American Express does offer prepaid debit cards, however, called American Express Serve cards. The company currently offers three different reloadable prepaid debit cards, including a basic blue card, a green card that offers free reloads, and a silver card that comes with cash back on purchases. All Amex Serve cards feature free direct deposit, free online bill pay, and free ATM withdrawals for US cardholders, for example.
American Express prepaid debit card fees
The fees associated with Amex prepaid debit cards vary. In the US, charges include monthly fees, charges for reloading cards and using ATMs outside of the Amex MoneyPass network, and foreign transaction fees for international purchases. Purchasing an Amex Serve card online is free, but there an initial purchase fee may be incurred if it is purchased at a retail location.
3) American Express gift cards
American Express issues prepaid gift cards that can be used at any online or offline location that accepts Amex cards. These are single-purchase cards that cannot be reloaded. They can be purchased directly through the American Express website or at select retail stores. There are various card themes to choose from, and cards can be customized with a message if purchased directly through Amex.
American Express gift card fees
An initial purchase fee for American Express gift cards is charged at the time of purchase, and the fee amount depends on the value of the gift card. There are no fees for using an Amex gift card after it is purchased, and there is no expiration date.
Using American Express cards for online gambling deposits
You can use your American Express card to make online gambling deposits in the same way that you make online purchases. If your casino accepts American Express, using your card to make a deposit is a quick, easy, and efficient option.
How to make an American Express deposit at an online casino:

  1. Log in to your online betting site.
  2. Go to the cashier area.
  3. Choose American Express in the credit card options.
  4. Select how much money you want to deposit.
  5. Enter the number for your American Express card, the expiration date, and the four-digit CVV code found on the front of your card.
  6. Submit your deposit request.
  7. Start playing as soon as the funds are available in your account!

When you use an American Express card to make a gambling deposit, the money is usually available instantly in your account. If your casino offers Amex as a withdrawal method, check how long processing times are. You should be able to find withdrawal information and details about potential fees in the site’s Banking or FAQ section.
American Express acceptance at online gambling sites
American Express cards are accepted at many online casinos worldwide. However, they are not as widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard for making direct credit card deposits. American Express is also not as commonly accepted through third-party payment providers and e-wallets.
Amex acceptance for US players
US players may have mixed success using American Express cards at gambling sites. Cards issued directly by Amex carry centralized guidelines and relatively tight control around online gambling payments. American Express cards issued through other banks may have different rules and restrictions than those obtained directly through the company, however, and could have a better acceptance rate. You may need to try different Amex cards at different casinos to find one that works.
We were unable to find any online casinos in legal markets like New Jersey that accept direct American Express deposits. This may charge as legal online gambling in the US becomes more established. However, you may have luck using your American Express card to fund third-party and e-wallet payment methods at betting sites in states where it is legal to gamble.
Using an American Express card to make an online gambling deposit is as convenient as making any other online purchase. Simply submit your Amex card details at the casino cashier and click to process the payment. There are no additional logins, codes, or third-party payment processors involved.
Although the majority of American Express cards are issued in the United States, the company operates worldwide. The Amex website features convenient links to the local sites in countries where these cards are issued.
American Express offers co-branded cards with local and regional partners worldwide. For example, a British Airways card is available in the United Kingdom, and an Air France/KLM card can be obtained in the Netherlands.
American Express cards were issued only directly through the company until 2004 when an antitrust suit in the US opened up the banking market to Amex, which now also issues cards through a wide variety of banks.
American Express cards are honored worldwide but are less commonly accepted than Visa and Mastercard outside of the US due to Amex charging merchants higher transaction fees.
Any fees depend on the specific card and the country where it was issued. American Express charge cards (Green, Gold, and Platinum) carry annual fees, for example. However, Amex offers credit card options with no annual fee. There are no transaction fees for using any of the cards for making purchases, except internationally, where foreign transaction fees may be incurred.
American Express Serve prepaid debit cards may carry monthly fees and reload fees. There are no fees for using Amex gift cards after they have been purchased, but there is an initial purchase fee. The company website provides details about potential fees for the different cards they offer.
Check your online casino’s website to see if it charges fees for using your American Express card for gambling deposits. Most sites do not; however, any potential fees associated with using American Express should be listed in the Banking or FAQ area of the site.
Safety / security
American Express provides safety and security measures through data encryption, personal security keys, and other technology features that are on par with industry standards for payment cards.
The company also provides account monitoring for suspicious activity. If Amex detects any questionable charges, it will closely monitor the account and contact the cardholder to verify questionable charges via phone or electronically. It also provides account alerts to help cardholders manage the security of their accounts. Cardholders are not responsible for any potential fraudulent charges.
American Express cards are one of the quickest ways to make an online gambling deposit, and funds are typically available in your account instantly. If your casino offers Amex as a withdrawal option, check the processing times in the Banking or FAQ section.
Customer service
American Express provides 24/7 customer service support to members in most countries via phone and chat. Customer support phone numbers for countries worldwide are published on the American Express website, and direct support numbers are printed on the back of Amex cards. Secure chat options are also available 24/7 through the company site upon login.
Casinos that accept American Express cards may ask you to verify your identity and card before processing transactions, especially withdrawals, to confirm your age and identity and help prevent fraud. Your casino may ask for a copy of your American Express card and ID, proof of mailing address, or a credit card authorization form.
Casinos should share the guidelines for what they require to process a deposit, including one made with an American Express card. The platform may also contact you to request additional verifications. Be sure to provide the needed information as soon as possible to avoid any delays with your payments.  
Online casino bonuses
American Express is accepted at select online casinos. However, it is not as casino friendly or as widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard.
Select online casinos may offer special promotions for bonus cash if you make a credit card deposit, including using American Express. Check on the Bonuses/Promotions page or the Payments page of your casino to see if there are any current promotions for credit card deposits.
Gambling deposits made via credit card, including American Express, typically count towards the playing requirements for other bonuses and promotions offered at gambling sites. The requirements for collecting these bonuses are listed in the Terms and Conditions section of each casino’s site.