Del Lago Sees Second-Best Week to Date

In recent months, we have been increasingly turning our focus to the budding casino industry in the state of New York. Though it may be surprising to you considering all of the tourists that visit the state annually, New York has not really entertained the idea of a widespread casino industry until more recently. One of the state’s most successful resorts is Del Lago, which is located in Waterloo, New York.

Del Lago is not only one of the most popular casino destinations in New York, it is also one of the more successful. A report released recently has shown that Del Lago is finally seeing the revenues it has long been expected to record. In fact, last week was the most successful week the casino has seen since it was opened earlier in the winter.

Best Week in 2+ Months

According to Del Lago, last week was the second-best financial week the casino has seen since it first opened its doors on February first. As far as actual numbers are concerned, the week of April 17-23 saw Del Lago bring in almost $3.5 million. Official revenues stood at $3,415,157. Though it was the second-best revenue week of the year, it only missed off on being the top week by a few hundred thousand dollars.

The largest revenue was brought in during the very first week Del Lago was open, and that should not come as much of a surprise.

Downsizing Already?

While the report released this week by Del Lago was intriguing due to the massive revenues recorded, there were some other interesting bits of information as well. The report went on to highlight that the number of games on the casino’s floor is smaller than it was when the site first opened its doors.

When the casino opened, there were about 2,000 slot machines and more than 75 table games. Now, there are about 30 fewer slot games and more than 10 less table games available. Despite the drop in total number of games available, gaming activity was at an all-time high through the middle parts of April. As far as total credits played last week is concerned, that number stands at more than $32 million.

All things considered, it is clear to see that the upstate New York casino industry is off to a successful start. As for the state of New York as a whole, it does not seem as though casinos are going to be spreading anywhere else all that quickly. Though millions of people have dreams of a New York City casino, that much will have to wait; at least for now.