Deadwood Casinos Launching Craps and Roulette July 1

Picture 068Five Deadwood casinos will launch new games starting July 1. South Dakota voters approved expanding gambling to craps, roulette and live keno in a November statewide referendum. The new law permitting these games applies to casinos located in Deadwood and on tribal land in South Dakota.

Five casinos will spread roulette, while only three will offer craps. Live keno is planned at multiple Deadwood casinos, but will not be immediately available.

Silverado, Franklin, Gold Dust, Tin Lizzie’s and Cadillac Jack’s will all spread roulette. Silverado, Tin Lizzie and Cadillac Jack’s will also offer craps. These games will go live at 8am on July 1. Some Deadwood casinos planned on launching these games at 12:01am. The South Dakota Commission on Gaming ordered a delay until 8am for regulatory purposes.

Video roulette and keno were already permitted in Deadwood. Franklin, Cadillac Jack’s and The Lodge each spread roulette with a real wheel and ball that is operated by a computer. Players make wagers on a touch screen on these games. Video keno is programmed on dozens of Game King and video lottery machines throughout Deadwood.

Video craps has not been available in Deadwood since 2008. That was when the last “Hot Shot Dice” machine malfunctioned at Mustang Sally’s and no replacement parts were available for the obsolete device. The “Shoot to Win” craps machines that are common in other casino markets never made it to Deadwood.

The new law permitting craps, roulette and live keno on July 1 also applies to the state’s tribal casinos. We reached out to the largest reservation casinos in South Dakota to see if any were going to offer the new games. None had any plans for a July 1 launch. Royal River Casino near Sioux Falls plans to open craps and roulette tables by the end of the year.

South Dakota was the third state to legalize casino-style gambling. It launched on December 1, 1989. The minimum bet was originally $5. Slots, video poker, poker and table games involving cards were approved. The limit was raised to $100 in 2000. The bet limit was raised to $1,000 in 2012.