Construction on Boston’s Casino Well Underway

Boston, and Massachusetts as a whole, is not known as a place that is particularly friendly to casinos. In fact, New England has historically been one of the more restrictive regions of the United States as far as casino gambling is concerned. That is beginning to change, however, and there is no better nor clearer example of that then what is happening along the Mystic River just outside of Boston. Though ground is just beginning to be broken, the projects massive scale is palpable.

One of Massachusetts’ Largest Construction Projects Ever

According to WBUR Boston, the currently under construction Wynn casino is going to end up being one of the largest construction projects the state of Massachusetts has ever seen. Standing 24 stories tall and with a pricetag of more than $2 billion, it is difficult to exaggerate just how big of a project this is. Just to get from the construction site’s headquarters to where construction is beginning to take place is a 5-minute ride.

Right now, however, the massive casino looks nothing like the artist’s rendition of the site. Now, the site is nothing more than a giant hole in the ground surrounding by raw materials and equipment. That is so because construction was just started not too long ago. Right now, a bulk of the work being conducted is almost solely centered on the removal of soil. Each day, 2 trains are solely tasked with freighting the unwanted soil off the construction grounds and to landfills. These trains account for more than 50 cargo cars and weigh more than 5,500 tons.

According to Chris Gordon, who is overseeing this whole project, it is going to take in upwards of 6 months just to remove soil. That means, almost half a year will have passed before any of the big construction can begin. Luckily, the working teams are a good 4+ months into the soil removal process.

Part of the reason soil removal is such a big deal—and also such a meticulous task—is due to the fact that the site where the Wynn casino is to be located was the home of chemical companies for almost 150 years. Dating back to the 1860s, the site along the Mystic River had been a home to companies producing all sorts of different chemicals. This fact alone means that a good bit of the soil has been polluted to some degree. Because of this pollution, getting rid of the soil is not as easy as putting it on a train then dumping it in a ground. The soil’s level of pollution must first be assessed and then a final destination can be determined. As of right now, a good majority of the heavily-polluted soil has been removed; the task at hand now has more to do with making space for the buildings that will be constructed.

Wynn Boston Harbor is set to open its doors in June of 2019, so it is clear to everyone that a lot of work needs to be done. When this casino does open its doors, it is poised to be not only one of the biggest in the US, but also a casino with one of the largest revenue streams as well. This is all besides the fact that it will be a premier gambling destination in New England, something that has really never existed before.