Concerns Over Las Vegas Casinos Reopening Too Soon

Las Vegas casinos were shut down in March due to the coronavirus, but have recently decided to reopen, even though the pandemic is showing no sign of abating.

As the land-based casinos open in Las Vegas, the Covid-19 cases increased in Nevada, raising the question if it was the right time to reopen casinos in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Casinos Reopened Amid Covid-19 Spike

Las Vegas casinos were shut down back in March due to pandemic-led lockdowns. After months of closures, they began to reopen, witnessing a huge number of players visiting these venues. This has contributed to the increased number of Covid-19 cases again.

Covid-19 Cases in Nevada Casinos

Before reopening, the casinos in Nevada ensured the state gaming regulators the implementation of the standard operating procedure (SOPs). However, it appears that they are not doing enough. News circulating from various sections that, despite many casino employees tested positive for the virus, the owners did not share the information with the authorities. Although they are not legally bound to report positive cases, it is their moral obligation to do so in order to ensure the lives of not only the patients but also of the people coming to the player here.

Rumor is that some of the new cases occurred in the casino venues. Either the staff members contracted the virus, or it was the guests who brought in the disease. In any case, casino owners keep them a secret.

Governor Steve Sisolak had warned the pandemic is far from over. He said:

“We’re in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic…Nevadans have made huge sacrifices to get us to where we are today. I don’t want to let that all go for nothing, having to take a giant step backward.”

In his bid to make Nevada safe again, the governor made the wearing of masks mandatory in all casinos. There have been arrests made in casinos for those refusing to wear a mask. However, not all people realize the risks and are respecting the rules. So, is a law enforcing masks enough?

Las Vegas Workers Union Seeks Protection

Most casino employees are not happy about the situation. The Las Vegas Casino Workers Union sued many casinos for inadequate worker protection that caused 352 Covid-19 hospitalizations and 22 deaths from the virus since March.

The union is calling for a safer work environment for casino employees. It seeks better safety protocols, mandatory mask and social distancing rules, and mandatory Covid-19 testing for all casino workers and players.

If the contagion doesn’t end soon, and it won’t if casino establishments continue hiding new infections, the authorities will have to step up and force casinos to close again.

Online Gambling is the Best Option

Why should the players risk their lives, and of others, by going to the land-based casinos when you can online gambling option?

If you have that insatiable urge to gamble, why not make the safe bet at real money online casinos? You can do it at home or at any place in the state without having risk getting in contact with a person with a possible infection.

Particularly, Live Dealer games are the ideal alternative to land-based casinos. So, just make it happen in a controlled environment that doesn’t worsen things for you, or for the other citizens. You can visit your favorite Las Vegas casinos when the pandemic subsides. But until then, online casino gambling is the best option you can have.