GameArt Software

Gameart may not be a name explicitly known by all online casino goers, however, it is a name you have probably dealt with in the past. The company owns a number of online casinos and is constantly growing its holdings. As an extension of this, it almost goes without saying that Gameart has acquired a large following that has nothing but positive things to say about what they have to offer. Gameart’s claim to fame is the wide range of video slot games they boast, but their casinos are so much more than that.

GameArt Slot Titles

88 Riches
African Sunset
Ancient Gong
Atlantis World
Burning Flame
As time wears on, the Gameart name is sure to grow even more. With casinos that have customers from all over the world, the Gameart brand is slowly but surely becoming a dominant force in the online casino industry.

Gameart History

As you might be able to tell from the company’s name, Gameart is in the business of developing casino games as well as the software that powers those games. Unlike so many other software providers, however, they have a shorter track-record. With that being said, since their founding in 2013 the company has grown consistently and dramatically. This is mostly thanks to the fact that those that founded the company came into the endeavor with more than 20 years of experience in the casino industry, both online and brick and mortar.
According to their website, Gameart’s primary line of business is creating software for advanced video slot games, the likes of which you will find at nearly every online casino. They don’t stop there, however, as they also supply the software that powers many of the video slot machines you will find on the floor of most every brick and mortar casino. As we have said before, Gameart may not have the experience and longevity in the industry that other software providers have, but they operate like a seasoned veteran in just about everything they do.

Gameart Casinos

Gameart’s software is utilized by a wide range of online casinos, ranging from those that have a global following as well as those that are brand new to the industry. In the following, we will highlight a few of the top casinos that make use of Gameart software.

mBit Casino

mBit Casino is, like Gameart, quite new to the industry. As their name implies, this casino is one that operates almost exclusively with Bitcoin. For those who might not be aware, Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that is sweeping the internet. Though we could talk all day about what, exactly, Bitcoin is, the fact of the matter it is currency just like US Dollars, only it strictly exists on the internet.
For casino players, the draw to mBit lies within the fact that there are more than 1000 total casino games to be played. There is just about every type of casino game you can imagine as well as some that you might not have ever heard of before. In addition, mBit is a casino that offers live games. Live casino games are exactly what you might expect, they are live-streamed casino games with live dealers and 3-dimensional tables. All things considered, mBit is an amazing casino despite its limited track record.

Golden Star Casino

Golden Star Casino has bit more of a track-record than mBit, however, it is just as highly-touted. In fact, you will find few online casinos out there that are held in higher regard with the public than Golden Star. What people love about Golden Star is that they do not have a single strong suit, but rather a whole host of them. First and foremost, the casino can be played on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets of all varieties.
As far as game selection is concerned, there is little left to the imagination. There are hundreds of slot games, a full slate of table games, and even a live casino for those who are trying to get acclimated to the nuances of the evolving online casino industry. With 24/7 customer service and a level of encryption that matches some banks, Golden Star matches a quality selection of games with the safety and security you would expect from a site that has such a large and trusted following.

BitStarz Casino

Once again, as the name suggests, BitStarz Casino is an online casino that operates with Bitcoin as the currency of choice. Unlike some other bitcoin casinos, BitStarz operates solely in Bitcoin. While this may be a drawback, just about every other aspect of their site is top-notch.
As far as the game selection is concerned, you really do not have anything missing from their overall offering. Virtual games are the site’s claim to fame, as it offers a wide variety of virtual slots. As you could have probably guessed, a bulk of these slot games are powered by software created by Gameart. The one drawback we have with regard to Bitstarz is the fact that there is no live casino yet, but we would not be surprised to see one in the near future.
When it all comes down to it, there are very few online casinos you can go to that will not feature Gameart software in some capacity. Their games are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and can be played in any environment. As their offering grows, so too will their renown, and that is something casino-goers love.