Ezugi Live Dealer Casino Software

Ezugi is a software provider that specializes in live dealer casino gaming. Live casino gaming enables off-site players to virtually engage with actual tables and dealers in an interactive environment.
Ezugi provides complete solutions for operators seeking a fully managed online gaming package, a live gaming platform extension, or anything in-between. 
Their software solutions include all the necessary support from technical, web design, administrative, marketing, payment, anti-fraud and other essentials needed for a successful casino offering.
Ezugi is a gaming company committed to developing some of the most realistic live gaming experiences in the casino software industry.

Ezugi History

With its headquarters in Curacao, Ezugi was formally established in 2013, and in a short time they have made their mark in the gaming industry. The company’s mission is to make live casino games more stimulating and engaging by providing real time personalized content. Their live gaming solutions deliver a highly compelling, realistic, and innovative gaming experience.
Ezugi aims to assist terrestrial casinos that wish to extend to digital and online platforms, or support online casinos in leveraging the real casino experience. The Ezugi platform is certified by the Curacao E-gaming licensing committee and prohibits players from Israel and the United States.

Ezugi Widget Platform

Ezugi has developed widgets that have added a completely new element to the live dealer experience and player engagement. Their widgets allow players to engage in mini games, social viewing, and other content while they play.
If you are a casino operator, you are able to track player activities and interactions in real time. Therefore, you are able to utilize insights and patterns to construct an effective marketing and player retention strategy.
Additionally, you are able to attach Ezugi widgets to their live games independently through back-end channels, and tap into Ezugi’s social analytics tool to monitor what players are doing, saying, and playing. This tool also enables you to reward your most loyal customers, and understand customer behavior.
Widgets Catalog
Facebook – The Facebook widget provides the ability to share the current player’s status, reference links, and can be financially stimulated by casino operators by offering bonuses for posting and references posted.
Mini Games – The Mini Games widget allows for players to play slot games and other RNG games in a pop-up window from the same player’s online wallet without having to exit the current main came window. This keeps players stimulated, and also increases the monetization of games.
Video Book – Video Book offers the ability to launch video during the game and can function as a picture-in-picture option for players.
News Feed – The News Feed widget can connect to any RSS feed and can display news, bonus offers, and other information directly in the game window.
Twitter – Much like the Facebook widget, the Twitter widget enables players to post on Twitter without having to leave their game. It too can also be used as a marketing tool.
Poll – The Poll widget allows operators to collect data about the player’s preferences. In addition to collecting data, it engages players by asking them questions and offering bonuses and promotions in exchange for answering questions.
Gallery – The Gallery (or Flipbook) widget is able to display an unlimited amount of images in the pop-up window so that players do not need to leave their game to review dealer photos, bios, and read reminders about upcoming events.
Alert – The Alert widget enables the circulation of any direct external link and is used primarily for marketing purposes.

Ezugi Solutions

Complete Online Solutions
Ezugi’s complete solution option is the best option for operators seeking an entire gaming platform, as well as the necessary support functions to help grow their operation. It includes Ezugi’s live gaming offerings and a complete selection of RNG based games and slots.
Live Game Extension
If you are already operating a casino Ezugi enables operators to access their library of live games through the live game extension solution. They can be added to your site through a one-time integration.
24/7 Studio Casino
Ezugi manages what they classify as their “casino studio”, which offers a variety of gaming options from blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The casino studio features professional dealers and is operational 24/7.
Turnkey Services
Ezugi’s turnkey solution enables operators to solely focus on their clients and other important aspects of their business while Ezugi handles payment, licensing, hosting and customer support.
Land-Base Casinos
Ezugi has developed a solution that transports the web-based player onto an operator’s casino floor. With gaming tablets, Ezugi now provides casinos and their players the option to wander casino floors, pool areas, lounges, and bars while staying connected and placing bets on their tablets. The tablets combined with networked betting terminals on the premises, allow the players to remain linked to the casino floors while enjoying various amenities.

Ezugi Game List

Currently, Ezugi can provide live solutions for the following games:
Knockout Baccarat
Live Lottery
Hybrid Blackjack
Live Keno
Wheel Of Dice
Caribbean Stud Poker
Double Ball Roulette
Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker
Perfect Pairs