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Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square – London

Opened in 2012 after a reported £30 million redevelopment of the iconic West End Building, The Hippodrome Casino offers 4 floors of gaming, fine dining and a cabaret theatre to boot.

I was fortunate enough to be given a guided tour of the Hippodrome back in 2011 as work was progressing in gutting the building and subsequently fitting it out. Transforming the Hippodrome Casino into what it is today.

Originally opened in 1900, the building universally known as the Hippodrome and now the home of the Hippodrome Casino has seen many uses.

Designed and built by Frank Matchem the Hippodrome was originally a variety venue and also home to a circus. But today, it is now known as one of the best casinos to be situated in London’s West End.

Open to everyone and accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, the Hippodrome boasts something for everyone. As well as providing a quality gaming experience, the venue also has a cabaret theatre. In addition to this, fine dining and numerous bars are available if that floats your boat.

The Hippodrome however, does not pretend to be a high end casino on the level of say the members only Ritz Club and this is part of it’s appeal in my opinion.

If you want to have a good session on the gaming tables or spin the reels on a slot machine you can. Likewise, you can just visit for a drink or a bite to eat, taking in the regular evening entertainment on display.

Becoming a member at the Hippodrome is advised though, although you do not necessarily have to do so. As the benefits of membership are such that it is well worth doing so. Perks with Hippodrome membership include discounts off food and beverages, plus accumulation of loyalty points.

The Hippodrome also operates an online casino, but unfortunately due to their link up with Betway, CasinoRankings.com is unable to recommend them to our visitors.

All in all the Hippodrome is well worth a visit should you find yourself in Central London and at a loose end.

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