Suriname Casinos

The greatest percentage of tourists in Suriname is in the smallest South American country to either enjoy the melting-pot culture or the vast spaces of tropical rainforest. What many don’t know is that Surinamese casinos are not as intriguing as these attractions. (That’s a not, not a just.) Brace yourself, let’s dig into casinos and gambling in Suriname.


History of Casinos in Suriname

The Jules Albert Wijdenbosch administration in 1996 made gambling legal, licensed and instantly invited a number of foreign casino investors to build casinos and other gambling facilities in the country. By that time, Suriname had almost a dozen casinos fully operational and serving a number of visitors.
In 2000, the whole story changed when Jules Albert Wijdenbosch stepped down for Ronald Runaldo Venetiaan. President Venetiaan worked to restructure the system and reintegrate the country’s image. As a result, each and every one of Surinamese laws became stricter, including gambling rules.

The then-government could not monitor the industry and its activities adequately, so stricter laws were only logical. The new and improved laws did their job, to say the least. In 2004, it was announced that casino operators must renew their licenses, provide financial reports to regulatory bodies set up by the government and build their casinos within a traditional casino site and hotel — all within six months of announcement.

Soon, the government ordered a severe elimination of the operators and their operations by arresting operators and seizing their properties. The government also tightened enforcement across the gambling board.

Those series of events led to most casino and gambling facility operators deciding to close down their venues and operations indefinitely. For example, Suriname Palace Casino and Lottery & Wagering Solutions both closed down in early 2005.

Such closures were bad for the economy and people because foreign gambling facilities provided nothing less than 2,000 steady jobs for indigenes.
The process continued until casinos in Suriname remained just nine in 2009. Today, however, there are exactly 13 casinos and gambling facilities in Suriname.

Current Gambling Climate

In actuality, Suriname offers the lowest number of casinos in South America and most parts of the world. The country’s license and regulation laws are practically too strict for investors to operate their businesses successfully. Gambling institutions are 13 in total, and they are all licensed and regulated by the gambling board set up by the government.

Casinos in Suriname by Area

Out of 13 casinos and gambling facilities in Suriname, 12 are located in the capital state of Paramaribo — with only one in Nieuw Nickerie. This is very uncommon in other countries. But since Suriname is a small country, have strict rules and Paramaribo has almost 50 percent of the whole population, this is possible.

Types of Casinos

Casinos in Suriname are popular nationwide for traditional casino activities. You cannot find a horse racing track, more than one sports betting shop, and other gambling facilities in Suriname. Although not prosecuted, activities such as online casino, sports betting, bingo, poker, and lottery are not that popular in Suriname.

Therefore, tourists and residents of the country are somewhat limited to a few variations of games and machines. Readily available casino games include slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, bingo, 3-card, 6-card and 7-card poker, Texas Hold ’em poker, American roulette, golden pair blackjack, and Punto Banco.
Online gambling, concurrently, is fully legal in Suriname. In fact, Suribet is a Surinamese company that offers lotteries and sports betting both offline and online.

List of Casinos in Suriname

Ambassador Hotel & Casino
Flamingo Hotel and Casino Resort
King Princess Casino
Lely Hills Casino
Mirage Casino & Hotel
Phoenicia Princess Casino
Regency Hotel & Casino
Royal Inn Suriname Hotel & Casino
Savannah Casino & Hotel
Suriname Princess Hotel & Casino
Suriname Torarica Hotel Casino
The Golden Truly Hotel & Casino
Tropicana Casino & Hotel

Facts About Casinos in Suriname

– The minimum gambling age of Suriname is 18 years, similar to other countries.
– Before closing, the Suriname Palace Casino had 10 table games, 161 slot machines, and games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Caribbean stud poker.
– Surinamese casinos have 930+ slot machines, 6+ poker tables, and 36+ table games.
– The largest casino in Suriname is Suriname Princess Hotel & Casino which has 320 gaming machines, 15 table games, and two poker tables.
– The gambling laws of Suriname are one of the strictest in South America and the entire world.
– Suriname has an online gambling provider called Suribet NV. Suribet have its head office inside Tropicana Casino.
– There are 13 gambling facilities in Suriname, which is smaller than most — if not all — countries.
– Out of the 13 gambling facilities in the whole of Suriname, 12 are located in Paramaribo while one is located in Nieuw Nickerie.