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Casino Kursaal is owned by Luckia Gaming Group, SA which operates a handful of other casinos in Spain. Luckia’s Kursaal Casino can be found in the resort-laden town of San Sebastian on the Bay of Biscay. With glorious beaches, most of which are just a few minutes walk away from the casino and some of the best restaurants in the country, Casino Kursaal is perfectly situated for some vacation gambling.
You will also find there is plenty to do in San Sebastian in terms of sights, attractions and activities that are not too far away from the Luckia Casino Kursaal. Of course, you have the Playa de La Zurriola, Playa de Onderreta and the Playa de la Concha beaches to enjoy but you could also go and enjoy some hiking on Urgull Hill or visit the Miramar Palace.
Just 22 km and a 30-minute drive away from the Luckia Casino Kursaal is the San Sebastian Airport. There are a couple of rental places at the airport that you can use if you feel like driving yourself around the area. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi from the airport to have it take you right to the doors of the casino.
Luckia Casino Kursaal requires players to be over the age of 18 before they can gamble. The dress code here is smart and casual. Flip flops, shorts, and beachwear are not permitted.

Luckia Casino Kursaal

Luckia Casino Kursaal is one of the smaller casinos in Spain but it does make good use of its 3,229 square foot gaming floor. There is a good number of slot machines and a handful of tables on the main floor and there is a separate small cardroom that hosts cash and tournament poker games on a regular basis.
Despite its small size, there is more than enough space for players to feel comfortable, and the décor really does give the place a vibrant feel with plenty of reds and blues on display. It has recently been renovated too, which should ensure that all slots, tables and other furnishings are new and well-kept.
Casino Kursaal is open each day of the week between 10 AM and 4 AM but you will only be able to enjoy the slots before 5 PM which is when the table games all start. Most of the clientele will be tourists and as such, the atmosphere should generally be light-hearted and fun.

Table Games at Luckia Casino Kursaal

Blackjack is one of the table games featured at the Luckia Casino Kursaal. All tables here pay 3:2 on blackjack, with the dealer staying on all 17’s.
Roulette is another popular game played at Luckia Casino Kursaal, and despite them calling it American Roulette, the fact of the matter is that the wheels do in fact only have the single zero that is normally reserved for European-style wheels.
Caribbean Stud poker is the final table game on the main casino floor and you will find just a couple of tables hosting it.
A poker room can be found through by entering a small door on the main gaming floor. It offers NL Texas Hold’Em and Pot Limit Omaha in the format of cash games, Sit-n-Go’s and tournaments. Tournaments and Sit-n-Go’s are scheduled by the casino, but cash games will open up whenever there are enough players that want to play.

Slots and Video Poker at Luckia Casino Kursaal

There is a good selection of slot machines on offer at the Luckia Casino Kursaal and these are very new due to a recent renovation. Multi-line video slots, traditional penny slots and even local progressive jackpot slots are available to be played.
You will be able to play the gaming machines in two different ways at Luckia Casino Kursaal. You can either use Euro banknotes of at least €5 or you can make use of the TI-TO (ticket in / ticket out) technology implemented at this casino.
Minimum bets on the slots start at €0.01 and can be as high as €1 per spin while the maximum you can win from the slots in a single go is €42,000.

Hotel and Accommodations at Luckia Casino Kursaal

Luckia Casino Kursaal is not part of a hotel itself but the town of San Sebastian has many options that you can choose from which are not too far away. The Hotel de Londres is one the more upmarket of them at $200 per night but you will also find some around half that price such as the Parma Hotel and San Sebastian Orly Hotel.
There are a number of resorts all over San Sebastian as well if that is something that might interest you when you visit.

Restaurants at Luckia Casino Kursaal

If you need to eat when playing at the Luckia Casino Kursaal you will find the La Boule Restaurant on the second floor. It serves up traditional dishes and a selection of more modern Basque cuisine. They even have a “Lucky” menu which you can use after you eat which uses a roulette-style wheel that can be used to determine how much you have to pay for your meal. You might just get lucky and get yourself a meal for a fraction of its usual cost.

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