Paraguay Casinos

Despite the fact that Paraguay is a small South American country, the country is visited and toured regularly because of its landlocked, swampland, timberland, savanna, scrubland, and unsettled wilderness features, and the Gran Chaco. Concurrently, the gambling industry is an additional feature of Paraguay.


History of Casinos in Paraguay

From the government of Spain, the Republic of Paraguay gained full independence in the year 1811. Unfortunately, Paraguay suffered for a century after its independence. This can be attributed to the isolationism dictatorship administrations that ruled the country for that century.
Even worse, the six-year-old Paraguayan War (from 1864 to 1870) made more than 50 percent of the whole population casualties. In addition, Argentina and Brazil claimed about 25 percent of Paraguay’s land mass.
Different levels and types of horror wrecked the country for about 120 years, until 1993 when the first series of democratic elections were held and respected in Paraguay. In 1994, Mercosur — a trade bloc — was established in partnership with Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.
In 1997, the country was in a spirit of buttressing its economy and society, so the Law No. 1016 was introduced and passed. In accordance, the ComisiÓn Nacional de Juegos de Azar (CONAJZAR) was created as the regulatory body pertaining all activities and facilities of gambling in Paraguay.
While all forms—literally—of gambling are legal and allowed in all regions of Paraguay, casinos can only be operated in Alto Paraná, AsunciÓn, Caaguazú, Central, Cordillera, Itapúa, and San Pedro. Accordingly, the gambling industry of Paraguay is not as impressive as its counterparts of other South American countries. The CONAJZAR could not — and have not been able to — attract big investors and hotels to build casinos in Paraguay.

Current Gambling Climate

The CONAJZAR is officially tasked with the licensing, auditing, monitoring, and regulation of gambling facilities and activities in Paraguay. Therefore, gambling and participating in any casino activity is flawlessly legal. However, the number of casinos in Paraguay — when compared to other South American countries — is a major drawback. The total number of casinos fully operational within the length and breadth of the country is just nine.
Most activities and facilities of gambling are particularly popular in Paraguay. While it is highly recommended to stick with the big names in the capital of AsunciÓn, other places are esteemed as well. The environment provided is mostly inviting, exciting and calming for citizens, residents and tourists.

Casinos in Paraguay by Area

As mentioned earlier, there is a total of nine gambling facilities spread throughout six cities in Paraguay. Yacht & Golf Club Paraguayo is located in Lambare while San Bernardino Country Club & Hotel Acuario is located in — as the name suggests — San Bernardino.
The Gran Casino de Itaipu and the Hotel Casino Acaray are both situated in Ciudad del Este. Casino Amambay Hotel is located in Pedro Juan Caballero while Casino Carnaval is located in Encarnacion. The capital city of Paraguay, Asunción, offers a racetrack (Hipódromo de Asunción) and two casinos (Hotel Guarani Splendor and Worest Casino – Asunción). Worest Casino – Asunción is the largest casino in Asunción and the whole of Paraguay.

Types of Casinos in Paraguay

As expected, most forms of casinos are offered in Paraguay. In fact, the most absurd gambling activity — bloodsport — is currently legal in Paraguay. Traditional casinos offer a variety of games and machines such as poker, slot machines, craps, roulette, blackjack, etc.
However, poker is a major hotspot in Paraguay, and games like Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker are widely played. Additionally, there are specific bingo halls in Paraguay — most famously the Bingo Candilejas. Further, most casinos and other gambling facilities are attached to large hotels or resorts.
The country also features a state lottery and a horse racing track. The lottery is provided by a company called Ganemax and authorized by the state government. So, the lottery is a monopolized activity in Paraguay — similar to other South American countries.

List of Casinos in Paraguay

Below is a list of all casinos currently operating in the regions of Paraguay.
Casino Amambay Hotel
Casino Carnaval
Gran Casino de Itaipu
Hipódromo de Asunción
Hotel Casino Acaray
Hotel Guarani Splendor
San Bernardino Country Club & Hotel Acuario
Worest Casino – Asunción
Yacht & Golf Club Paraguayo

Facts About Casinos in Paraguay

– 18 years is the minimum gambling age in Paraguay.
– Cockfighting is legal in Paraguay, which makes Paraguay one of the very few countries allowing such bloodsport.
– In Paraguay, there are no fixed laws or rules pertaining online gambling or gaming. However, Paraguayans are not persecuted for participating in any form of online gambling or gaming on foreign websites.
– In 2015, 80 Taiwanese workers were detained for running an illegal online gambling business in Paraguay.
– In 2015, the Director of the Department of Charity and Social Welfare of Paraguay announced that Paraguay is working on regulating online gambling and gaming, and a new law would be introduced and passed a year after. However, there have been zero updates on this announcement.
– In 1943, the first casino in Paraguay was opened.