Luxembourg Casinos

Surrounded by three significant European countries, Luxembourg is a small but mighty part of Europe. The Mullerthal locale is honored with rough chasms, the north has various nature parks, and there are the Moselle stream valley and thick Ardennes timberland. Luxembourg City is the nation’s capital with sheer cliffs that make it look like a braced medieval old town. Luxembourg is one of the richest countries on the planet and although its gambling industry is even tinier than its less-than-600,000 population, gambling in Luxembourg is exceedingly luxurious.

History of Casinos in Luxembourg

Gambling was first noticed in Luxembourg in the 1840s when many entrepreneurs tried to receive a license to operate one or more casinos within the country. The proposals, though individually, were declined by the authority. However, the Casino Bourgeois later received a license. The casino was constructed in 1882 by Pierre Funck and Pierre Kemp and opened around the same time.
At the time, the casino was popular within and outside Luxembourg. On July 19th, 1886, Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt held his last piano show in the Casino Bourgeois. Kaiser Wilhelm II used the building during World War I as his headquarters. Nevertheless, all its glory vamoosed in 1959 when the State legally bought it. As a result, its name changed to the Foyer Européen and was leased to the Cultural Circle of the European Communities.
The entire building was later used for art exhibitions in 1995 when the country’s capital became the European Cultural Capital. The transformation was entrusted to Swiss artist Urs Raussmüller. Further, the second (and only) casino in Luxembourg, Casino 2000 Luxembourg, received a license on December 19th, 1980 and opened in April 1983.
On December 25th, 1944, a decree by the Grand Ducal created the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte: the lottery operator and regulator. Similarly, the Grand Ducal approved a decree on July 13th, 1945 to create the Loterie Nationale (National Lottery). Both were created in response to the negative effects World War II imposed on the country.
Basically, the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte was to operate the Loterie Nationale, organize scratchcards, lotteries and other lottery-related activities, and distribute the generated revenues to different sectors for healthcare, social, cultural, financial and welfare development.
Today, the whole territory of Luxembourg features only two gambling facilities: the Loterie Nationale and Casino 2000 Luxembourg. Gambling is legally discussed with respect to the 1977 Law and the 1979 Grand-Ducal Regulation. The Law made sports betting accountable to the Ministry to Justice and declared Mondorf-les-Bains the only location where a casino could operate while the Grand-Ducal Regulation made casino games (such as American and English roulette, craps, punto banco, blackjack, stud poker, and trente-et-quarante) legal.

Current Gambling Climate

Casino gambling is legal in Luxembourg and properly licensed and regulated. Other than casino gambling, the lottery and sports betting is the only legal forms of gambling in the country. There is only one casino and it features a wide variety of table games and gaming machines.
However, variety is one thing Luxembourg lacks. Apparently, the number of casinos and legal forms of gambling in the country is unimpressive. But, Luxembourg is a luxury destination. The country itself is wealthy and the lone casino is up to par regarding equipment, gaming space, and luxury.

Casinos in Luxembourg by Area

The lone casino in Luxembourg, Casino 2000 Luxembourg, is located in the spa town of Mondorf-les-Bains (which is less than half of an hour to the capital city of Luxembourg City). The casino offers seven table games and 280 gaming machines in its gaming space which is about 9,000 square foot. Table games open from 7 PM on Monday through Saturday and 6 PM on Sunday. Gaming machines open at 10 AM every day and comes with a free breakfast.

Types of Casinos in Luxembourg

Casino 2000 Luxembourg is combined with restaurants and a hotel and offers a number of other amenities. The casino has traditional video slots as well as multi-screen and multi-bet slots. There are seven table games: three blackjack tables, three roulette tables, and one Ultimate Poker table. The casino offers two jackpots: Mystery and Progressive.
In addition to casinos, sportsbooks and lottery outlets are readily available in the country. Nevertheless, there are no horse racetracks, greyhound racetracks, bingo halls, or any other gambling facility. Particularly, the lottery is popular in Luxembourg. The Loterie Nationale offers a number of lottery draws which include Zubito, EuroMillions, and the Lotto 6 aus 49.
Although both land-based and online sports betting is limited to licensed operators exclusively, sports betting is very popular in this part of Europe. Yet, online gambling is illegal but online players are allowed to participate in most forms of gambling on offshore gambling websites.

List of Casinos in Luxembourg

Below is a list of all casinos currently operating in the regions of Luxembourg.
Casino 2000 Luxembourg

Facts About Casinos in Luxembourg

– In Luxembourg, only people at least 18 years old can gain access to the casino. Providing a valid ID proof is a requirement.
– In November 2008, the European Parliament carried out a study. According to the study, Luxembourg is ranked third as the European country with the highest gross gaming revenue per capita; the United Kingdom is ranked fourth.
– ‘Play it Safe’ is a programme in which the casino trains its employees to educate customers about responsible gambling in order to limit the risks of gambling. Also, there is a team of six that evaluates the risk level of customers and subject them to adequate steps so as to eliminate the particular gambling problem. Additionally, a customer can self-limit or self-exclude himself for a period of one month and seven years. With the self-exclude option, the customer cannot enter the casino during the specified period. With the self-limit option, the customer can only enter the casino for a specific number of times during a specified period (for example, once a month). Casino 2000 Luxembourg introduced the programme in 2002.
– In Casino 2000 Luxembourg, €0.01 is the minimum bet.
– The casino welcomes about half a million visitors per year. The casino keeps growing its space to accommodate more visitors (the last was in 2011).
Bitcoin gambling is legal in Luxembourg because the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) actively accepts cryptocurrency and gambling on offshore gambling websites is legal. Therefore, offshore gambling websites can offer Bitcoin gambling to Luxembourgers and other people in any region of Luxembourg.
– Actually, any business offering games of chance is abolished in Luxembourg according to the 1997 Law.
– The Loterie Nationale is the only operator licensed (by the 2009 Law) to offer online gambling in Luxembourg.
– There are only three legal forms of gambling in Luxembourg: sports betting, the lottery, and casino gambling.