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Goldrush Casino has a total of four locations in Cork County, Ireland. One of their casinos is in the historic village of Mallow, and three are in the city of Cork itself. This Goldrush Casino is on 21 Academy St. in Cork’s city center, and also serves as the headquarters for Goldrush Casinos Ltd.
Cork is Ireland’s second largest city, so visitors are never short on things to see and do. Along Patrick’s Street are some of the city’s best shopping locations. As far as historical sites go, Saint Finbarr’s Cathedral, Blarney’s Castle, and Saint Ann’s Church, are all popular sites.
Getting to Goldrush Casino on Academy St. from the Cork airport takes a very short time, whether you decide to arrive by car or bus. The route is simple with a few stops making both options nearly the same in terms of travel time. By car, visitors to the casino can expect to spend 15 to 20 minutes on the road, and the bus takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
Goldrush Casino is known for its casual atmosphere and dress code to match. To gain access to the casino, players must provide valid ID showing that they are at least 18 years old.

Goldrush Casino Cork on Academy St.

The Goldrush casino on 21 Academy Street in Cork is a small and brightly decorated establishment. If you are looking for a local casino vibe in a small and quaint gambling den, then this casino will suit you down to the ground. The casino is busiest on the weekends. It opens at 9 AM and closes late – the exact time depends on whether there is an ongoing poker tournament.
Players will find a small collection of tables games and plenty of opportunities to play poker here; the casino hosts both cash games and regular tournaments. Being mostly a poker den, the casino pulls in a mixed crowd from all walks of life making this a diverse and interesting casino to play at.

Table Games at Goldrush Casino Academy St.

In terms of traditional casino table games, there is not much available, as the casino has a heavy focus on poker. There are a couple of traditional casino table games players will find here, which include European Roulette and blackjack. Aside from this, the casino’s other table games are all dedicated to poker, which dominate the casino floor.
Poker cash games run throughout the week with seats available most of the time; although, on crowded nights there will be a waiting list. Cash games are mostly Texas Hold’em No Limit, but the casino also has Omaha Pot Limit games if there are enough players. Blinds are usually €1/€2 on the cash tables and the dealer will take a rake from each pot.
As for poker tournaments, there is a wide selection of options, but it will depend on the day you arrive at the casino. The casino likes to put on cash guaranteed prize pool tournaments, which are usually €1000 guaranteed prize pools. There are also plenty of regular tournaments. Poker tournaments feature re-buys, add-ons, freezout, and other poker tournament styles are all available here.

Slots and Video Poker at Goldrush Casino Academy St.

Being that the Goldrush Casino 21 Academy Street is such a poker focused establishment, you can expect there to be a good selection of Video Poker slots here. On top of this, the casino also has a wide range of slots.
Video slots are popular with the latest themes always being brought into the casino. Goldrush management always keeps their video slot collection up to date swapping out not so popular themes for newer themed slots. There are also plenty of classic slots with both 3 reel and 5 reel electronic reel slots.
Furthermore, you will also find a selection of fruit machines complete with bonus free spins, nudges, and bonus round. Fruit machines just so happen to be very popular in Ireland as well as in the UK.

Hotel and Accommodations at Goldrush Casino Academy St.

The central location of Goldrush Casino puts it right in the middle of many different accommodation options. Visitors to the casino can find hotels at many different levels of cost and comfort.
Creedon’s B&B is one of the more highly rated options within the immediate area around the casino. Free WIFI and breakfast make it popular with all kinds of people, and the rooms are well reviewed as well.
For budget options, the Maldron Hotel South Mall, Winsor House, and Adelaide House regularly receive praise from guests who have stayed with them.

Restaurants at Goldrush Casino Academy St.

Goldrush Casino does not have a fully-featured kitchen, but there are many different options near the casino. From fast food to international menus to traditional Irish cuisine, the list is long indeed.
The options nearest the casino are a grill restaurant by the name of Amicus, the Strasbourg Goose, and Restaurant 14a. Other popular options include a famous pizzeria called Scoozi!, Jacques Restaurant with its international menu, Quinlan’s Seafood Bar, and Pembroke Restaurant.
For alcoholic beverages, The Linen Weaver is the closest option. For a traditional Irish pub experience many visitors speak highly of The Thomond Bar.

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