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Fitzpatrick’s Casino is located in Dun Laoghaire, about 30 minutes south of downtown Dublin. This is actually the only casino in the town of Dun Laoghaire making it the obvious choice for gamblers in the area who don’t want to travel into nearby Dublin. The casino is centrally located and is surrounded by many cafes, restaurants and pubs.
The Fitzpatrick’s Casino Group has four other casino locations throughout Ireland, including Dublin, Patricks, Tallaght and Limerick.
The town of Dun Laoghaire is well known for its large, historic harbor offering long pier walks stretching into Dublin Bay which has unique lookout points to observe boat traffic and wildlife. The Queen Victoria Fountain, Dublinia, the Book of Kells, and the King George IV Monument are also famous tourist attractions nearby.
The casino is conveniently located close to the harbor. You will need to be 18 years old to enter the casino and as long as you have closed shoes on and you are reasonably dressed, the doormen will let you in. The currency used at the casino is the Euro.

Casino at Fitzpatrick’s Dun Laoghaire

Fitzpatrick’s Casino Dun Laoghaire is a relatively small establishment and looks more like a city or country pub from the outside. However, it is rather easy to identify this place as a casino from the outside because its name; Fitzpatrick’s Casino, is written in pub-style lettering above the door advertising roulette and slots underneath.
As well as the advertised slots and roulette banner, you will also find blackjack tables and poker games here regularly. Plus, there is a Wheel of Fortune that spins once every hour throughout the day and a Lucky Strike machine with daily and monthly draws. If you want to play here, you can visit anytime as the casino is open 24/7.
Being quite small with no windows, it is not a brightly lit establishment with red neon lights along the ceiling skirtings and red royal patterned carpets throughout. Some indoor plants also add add to the decor. In fact, inside the casino it looks a lot bigger than it does from the outside, and the casino management has made very good use of the space it has to work with.
If you want to join the casino’s Dragon Club, you can sign up while in the casino. This will give you loyalty points for every bet you make. Advertisements on how to join and the benefits can be seen around the casino, and the Dragon Club logo is sewed into the felts of all tables at the casino. There is also a recommend a friend promotion and nights where the casino will offer 100% bet match bonuses.

Table Games at Fitzpatrick’s Casino

There are plenty of table games available at the Fitzpatrick’s Casino. There is 1 French Roulette table, where, on the felt, you have the option to wager Voisins du zéro (neighbors of zero), Jeu zéro (zero game), Le tiers du cylindre (third of the wheel), Orphelins (orphans), and the neighbors.
You can also opt to play on an electronic roulette machine of which there are several touchscreens available for players to place their wagers. The betting screens circulate around an automatic roulette wheel that is the center of the play.
Blackjack is another popular game at the casino. There are no additional side bets or progressive bonus betting options added to the game here – just straight 6-deck blackjack.
Poker at the Fitzpatrick’s Casino is arguably the most popular game as it tends to draw in the lion’s share of the crowds. There are some cash games available, but for the most part it is the casino’s poker tournaments that have helped it establish its name and popularity.
The main tournament poker variety here is Texas Hold’em with €50 +€5 (reg) Freezeout held regularly. This is deep stack poker as there are 15k starting stacks plus an additional +$3k for those that get seated early. These tournaments are usually 2 tables only with around 20 to 22 players.
There are also higher stakes tournaments whereby buy-ins can reach up to €200 and re-buys added into the mix.

Slots and Video Poker at Fitzpatrick’s Casino

The slots have plenty of room at Fitzpatrick’s Casino lined up against the outer perimeter walls. Each slot machine has a chair to sit and there are a variety of themes and styles to play. Nearly all the slots here are video slots sporting fixed jackpots with a few slots that have progressive jackpots.
Most of the slots are lined up next to each other; while there are a few that have their own private booth. A highlight of being a slots player here is that the casino will put on special promotions. For example, if you land five triple bars at any point in the evening, grab one of the staff members because the casino will double your payout. Also, on set weekdays, the casino offers double points promotions on the slots.

Hotel and Accommodations Near Fitzpatrick’s Casino

Fitzpatrick’s does not have any rooms available but there are a few options very close by. For a 4-star experience, the Royal Marine Hotel is right up to the street. Royal Marine offers fine dining and a fully-featured spa.
For a much more laidback stay, there is a Bed and Breakfast in the area called Saint Anne’s which regularly gets positive reviews. Saint Anne’s is in a beautifully renovated old house and the staff is always friendly. The Claremont is another highly-regarded hotel in the area that is more on the budget-friendly side. The rooms are small but comfortable, and the food is fantastic.

Restaurants Near Fitzpatrick’s Casino

The area along the coastal roads in Dun Laoghaire, near the harbor, there are many local pubs and restaurants. Scrumdiddly’s is always a great choice when you are in the mood of ice cream, and for food, players can find classic Irish dishes as well as an international speciality at Bistro LE Monde. For contemporary Thai fusions, Mao Dun Laoghaire is nearby as well. If you are looking for a high-end experience, the fine Italian dining at Oliveto At Haddington House is also right around the corner. Other options include pizza, fast food and Indian.

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