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Emerald Casino recently acquired 3/4 of the floor space at a Clondalkin local snooker pub called “Q’s Snooker Club”. This space is now used as a casino, named Emerald Casino – Clondalkin Q’s. Clondalkin is actually a suburban town located roughly 6 miles east of Ireland’s capital city of Dublin.
Getting to Clondalkin is fairly easy as it is located very close to the Dublin International Airport. You can then take a bus, rent a car, use the airport shuttle or catch the train to get to Clondalkin. As for opening hours, the Clondalkin Q’s is open every day of the year 24 hours per day.
Dressing up at the Clondalkin Q’s is not necessary because they do not have a dress code however you must be wearing closed shoes always. Also, you must be 18 years or older to gamble here, and you will almost certainly be asked to provide some form of identification simply because the gambling laws in Ireland are very strict.

Casino at Clondalkin Q’s

Emerald Casino’s newest gambling installment, Clondalkin Q’s, is best known for its high limit poker tournaments that it hosts regularly. At the time of this writing, over the last month alone first place prizes were in the region of €25,000, €20,000 and €15,000 with prize pools going over €100,000.
This is not your typical large Las Vegas-style casino with lush carpets, a vibrant atmosphere and bright lights. Instead, it has more of a historical Irish pub feel to it. By all accounts, this is the vibe the casino is going for and it seems to have accomplished that. Its regulars are mainly to poker players and those who enjoy taking their chances on the slot machines.
It is a very small casino that consists of a poker room, where most of the gambling action takes place, and a few slot machines scattered around the outer walls of the casino rather than being bunched together.

Table Games at Clondalkin Q’s

There is not a large selection of table games at Clondalkin Q’s to be fair. The casino features three main table games; blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker as well as poker cash games and tournaments. In fact, the majority of the casino’s clientele come for the frequent poker tournaments and cash poker games.
Card sharks can pitch their skills versus the house on the Caribbean Stud Poker table or at one of the 2 blackjack tables on the main casino floor. At blackjack, expect to play with six-deck rules and no side bets.
The rest of the casino is comprised of 20 poker tables where Texas Hold ‘em is the game choice. Tournament poker here can attract up to 200 people on major tournament poker nights.
Roulette is available, but there are no physical roulette tables. There are six electronic roulette machines that use standard European Roulette rules with only one zero.

Slots and Video Poker at Clondalkin Q’s

You will find 200 slot games that are a mix of modern multi-line machines and the classic reel slot machines at Clondalkin Q’s. At this Irish casino, you can expect the slots found dotted all over the casino to be sporting the latest titles.
There are 3-reel and 5-reel slots available, and most have fixed jackpots. There are also a small handful of stand-alone progressive slots. These progressive jackpots are not huge, but they do pay better than the fixed jackpot machines.

Hotel and Accommodations at Emerald Casino Clondalkin

Emerald Casino – Clondalkin Q’s does not feature a hotel on the premises, so you will have to look in the surrounding areas. The Ashemere Lodge is a 1-star hotel which is on the same road as Clondalkin Q’s making it the nearest place (and the cheapest) to stay. Average rates per night for a room that sleeps two people is between €50 and €130. If you are just looking for a place to crash after a night of drinking and gambling, then this will do just fine.
If you are planning a longer stay in Clondalkin then your best option is the Lious Fitzgerald Hotel which is a 4-star luxury hotel but don’t let the rating scare you off it is still more affordable than Dublin city center hotels. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a free breakfast buffet and it has a restaurant. The average rate per night for a room that sleeps two is between €80 and €150.

Restaurants at Clondalkin Q’s

Unfortunately, there is no grille or restaurant inside of the Clondalkin Q’s but the casino is nestled perfectly in between an array of restaurants. There are takeaway options very close by like McDonald’s, China Inn Restaurant, and Shakira Indian Take-Away as well as a Domino’s Pizza store.
If you are more in the mood for a restaurant vibe then head over to one of these town favorites. The Happy Pear is a vegan and vegetarian inspired restaurant with dishes that cater to both and a large garden setting to look at. The Mao at Home is a restaurant that serves Thai food that is open most days and is reasonably priced. Plus, there is Clare’s Pizzeria, which is said to be the best place in Clondalkin to get fresh and tasty pizzas at a reasonable price.

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