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D1 Club Casino is an Irish casino, locally-owned by Mick Donnelly and partners. They each have their own separate businesses outside of gaming with no other experience with casinos, accommodation, or dining.
The casino is conveniently located in the center of Dublin, Ireland, at 63 Lower Dorset Street. Transportation options will vary based on where you are arriving from. International guests will need to take the train, taxi, bus or rent a car from Dublin Airport. The casino is only 10 km away from Dublin Airport and it will take you about 20 minutes to drive to the casino from there.
You will need to be a member to play at the D1 Club Casino. The membership is free and you can apply immediately when you arrive – you will just need to provide valid identification and be at least 18 years old.

Casino at D1 Club

The casino gaming area is not very large but there are various games to keep players entertained. It is a modernly styled casino with décor to match. The lights, carpets, and music resemble that of other top-class casinos
Table games are the main attraction at D1 Club Casino. Roulette, craps, and poker are the three most popular games available here. The casino boasts modern gaming options such as Electronic Roulette and poker tables that make use of tablets for betting purposes.
Other attractions include weekly poker tournaments and a complimentary snack bar. The casino is open every day from 10 AM – 5:30 AM, with the exception of live tables which open at 9pm.
High rollers will be happy to know that they offer various high limit table games and slot machines. The cash events are especially popular for this reason.

Table Games at D1 Club Casino

D1 Club Casino has a total of 7 tables located on the main gaming floor. They feature popular games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, craps and baccarat.
There are both normal and electronic roulette tables available at the casino. Only the American variety is played, which features the double zero.
Blackjack is available and will allow gamblers to play against the dealer. There are a variety of betting options available at this table but the lower denomination games are usually more popular. There is also a baccarat table, which features the Punto Banco variety.
Craps is one of D1 Club’s most popular games. They only have a single table so you must be sure to get their early if you don’t want to wait in line. This is a game that generates a lot of excitement.
Poker is a highlight at D1 Club and there are often different poker events taking place, including their popular “cash only” poker tournaments. There are 2 tables available and the game varieties normally played are Texas Hold ‘em, Three Card Poker, and Five Card Poker.

Slots and Video Poker at D1 Club Casino

There are around 60 electronic gaming machines at D1 Club Casino. This isn’t many, but they do cater to most gamblers. The majority of these electronic games are single and multi-denominational standard reel slot machines. These machines come in both the old-style lever machines and more modern electronic ones. There are also a few video reel machines available, as well as Video Poker.

Hotel and Accommodation at D1 Club Casino

There is no accommodation available at D1 Club Casino but being located in the center of Dublin, there are many options within walking distance from the casino.
The Croke Park Hotel is a three-star hotel located across the river, a bridge-crossing away from the D1 Club Casino. Rates vary depending on the season but one can expect to pay around $150 per night.
The Maldron Hotel Parnell Square is a three-star hotel slightly further away, but still within walking distance from the casino. Prices are similar at around $145-$175.
Belvedere Hotel is located close to the Maldron Hotel, slightly closer to the casino. There are different priced rooms available but you can be expecting to pay at least $150 per night.

Restaurants at D1 Club Casino

There is 1 complimentary bar at D1 Club Casino which allows guests to enjoy various beverages and light snacks while in the gaming area. Alcohol options are limited to wine and beer. Alternatively, there are other local dining options nearby the casino, including Chapter One Restaurant, Bleecker Street Café Bar, and Mr. Fox
These are three options within walking distance from the casino but there are many others nearby, all with different cuisines on offer.

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