Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only Casino Review


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Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only Casino Review


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Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only Casino Review

The Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort – Adults Only is owned and operated by the Barceló Group. This company has been in business since 1931 when Simon Barceló opened his first hotel on the island of Mallorca, Spain. Today, the Barceló Group has over 230 hotels under their name in 21 countries, which include a total of more than 50,000 rooms.
Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only is located in Punta Cana, on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. The resort is surrounded by thick, lush rainforests and pristine, white-sand beaches as far as the eye can see. Many guests visit Punta Cana for the tranquility that it is so well known for, but of course, there are plenty who come to take in all the sites and enjoy the various activities there as well. Of course, one of the most popular attractions is gambling at Casino Bávaro.
The hotel and casino are only 11 miles from the nearest airport – Punta Cana International Airport – making getting in and out fast and simple. To make things even more convenient for their guests, however, Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only also offers airport transfers to and from the resort.
Many of the top attractions surrounding Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only are also easy to access from the resort as there are shuttles and tour groups available daily. The most popular destinations located nearby include Juanillo Beach and Macao Beach, as well as Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park & Reserve and Hoyo Azul. The world-famous bat caves, and ATV safaris through the jungle, are also popular.

Casino at Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only

Casino Bávaro, which is an integral part of Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only, is an exciting casino offering plenty of casino games. The Casino Bávaro is open 24/7, every day of the year.
The casino offers its players many of the most popular table games found in casinos, as well as a large collection of slot machines. There is also a dedicated Texas Hold’em room which is separate from the main casino floor and can easily be booked for private parties. All in all, the casino holds approximately 400 people, but it has such a relaxing atmosphere it never feels that busy even on its fullest days.
There is an age limit set for the casino at 18+, but given the fact that the entire resort has the same minimum age limit, minors would never be allowed anywhere near the casino in the first place, so it’s a bit of a moot point. Guests will additionally follow the casino’s dress code which is anything but shorts, sandals, and vests. There is also no smoking permitted anywhere in the casino.

Table Games at Casino Bávaro

For travelers visiting the casino from places other than North America, they will quickly notice that the roulette table is a little different from the French or European versions of the game. In American Roulette, there is a second “0” slot which appears as a double zero. The added place ups the house advantage a little bit but not in any significant amount.
Poker players who are unfamiliar with Caribbean Poker will also likely enjoy learning the way the game is played on the islands. Caribbean Poker is similar to five-card draw, but players are allowed to make side bets on top of the ante bet. Perhaps the biggest difference between classical versions of the game and the Caribbean variant is that there is no trading of games.
The casino, while not very large compared to some of the world’s most famous, is still very capable of offering the same experience that seasoned players look for. Couple that with the for-hire private Texas Hold’em room and you have yourself an experience to last a lifetime.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Bávaro

There are over 150 slot machines found in and around the casino floor with the latest video slots being the most prominent slots on the floor. There are also a few classic slot machines in some of the rows of slots, but mostly this casino vaunts modern themed slots, which are always being updated. There is the choice here of both progressive jackpot slots as well as fixed jackpot slots suiting all manner of slot player.
There are a handful of video poker machines here too, but they don’t seem to be very popular and so this explains the small collection available.

Hotel and Casino at Casino Bávaro

The hotel associated with Casino Bávaro is one of the best in the Dominican Republic. The amenities offered are exactly what you would expect from a world-class resort sporting a five-star rating. With multiple swimming pools, a nightclub and a theater where guests can enjoy a variety of live performances, the only problem guests will have is deciding which activity to take part in on a particular night of the week.
Other amenities include comforts like a dry cleaning and ironing service, round-the-clock room service, a beauty salon, a spa, a tourist information and money transfer center, and much more.
The rooms are also worth noting as they are some of the best in the country. Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only has almost 600 rooms ranging in size and affordability – even the rooms on the lowest tier are absolutely amazing, so you can only imagine how good things get as you climb the ladder of class and comfort. Choices include the Superior Room, Superior Sun Deck, Superior Room Sea View, Superior Sun Deck Ocean View, and a few premium options like ocean front rooms that you would have to see to believe.
As a hotel, Barceló Bávaro Beach – Adults Only is a perfect choice, and as a casino, the same could easily be said. The combination of convenient access to and from the local international airport along with the laundry list of amenities and extras the resort has on offer makes choosing the hotel an easy decision.

Restaurants at Casino Bávaro

The resort offers more places to eat and drink than most guests will have time to visit. Of course, to be fair, many people seem to naturally gravitate towards bars and restaurants that offer specific food types – Italian, Pizza, traditional Spanish food with Paella on most menus, fast food, and an array of other restaurants can be found in the hotel and casino resort.