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Situated in the bustling downtown area of San Jose, Costa Rica, the Quality Hotel Centro Colón is a popular 3-star hotel with an on-site casino. The property is situated right in the heart of the action within the city. Owned by Choice Hotels International, Inc, Quality Hotel Centro Colón is just one of 6,800 hotels worldwide from this leading hospitality group.
If you are flying into Costa Rica for a vacation, you will be glad to know that the hotel is just 6 miles from Juan Santamaria International Airport. This means you can literally get from the airport to the hotel in a matter of minutes. Taxi or rental car would be your main options here but you could also opt to catch a shuttle bus into the center of San Jose.
When it comes to things to see in San Jose, you can enjoy some golf at the Valle del Sol Golf Course, visit the Costa Rican Art Museum or peruse the Santa Ana Market. Those are the closest attractions but a little further afield you will also find the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Theater of Costa Rica and the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.
The legal gambling age in Costa Rica is 18-years and above, so you will have to bring some identification if you look around that age and want to play in the casino. Furthermore, while the dress code here is not as strict as other casinos in Costa Rica, you should at least dress in a smart casual manner.

Casino Costa Rica at Quality Hotel Centro Colón

For a relaxing night of entertainment, guests have the option of visiting the small casino on the premises of the Quality Hotel Centro Colón. There is a limited selection of table games, slots and electronic roulette machines for guests at the hotel to enjoy. Open from 5 PM until 2 AM, this casino offers low limits for most of its games and you can even use your US Dollars to play instead of having to change them up.
As for the atmosphere, this is generally relaxed during the week. On weekends, however, the atmosphere can be far more fun-filled and enjoyable. Most of these guests will be from the hotel and will be on vacation, so you can expect to encounter casual gamblers from around the world.

Table Games at Casino Costa Rica

There are a few blackjack tables at this casino and these will usually be more populated than the other tables at the casino. The latter includes Caribbean Stud tables and Three Card Poker tables and while there is no roulette table, there are a few electronic roulette machines dotted around.
Due to most players being casual gamblers that are here more for a vacation, you should only expect low limits on most of the games. Many of these players will be here to have a look around and possibly play a few games so will not be interested in gambling with serious amounts of money.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Costa Rica

Slot machines can also be found dotted around the casino floor and while there are not that many of them, the slots that they do have are of good quality. Video slots are the main type you will find here but you will also find a few video poker games as well.
Slots are actually among the most popular games at this casino as practically anyone will be able to play. Once again, the limits here will be low so that players of types of gambling experience will be able to enjoy them.

Hotel and Accommodation at Casino Costa Rica

Rooms at the Quality Hotel Centro Colón start at around $100 per night and with 100 of them available, you will usually be able to get a booking with them. This is a 3-star hotel that has amenities such as air conditioning, television, telephone and WiFi while the hotel also has a bar, lounge, swimming pool, restaurant and casino. If you are checking in you should be there by 2 PM or after and when checking out you will have to be out of your room by 10 AM.

Restaurants at Quality Hotel Centro Colón & Casino Costa Rica

There is only one restaurant at the Quality Hotel Centro Colón & Casino Costa Rica and this will provide you with your free breakfast while you can also enjoy lunch and dinner here as well. On the menu is a range of international favorites mixed in with some local cuisine. This restaurant will also be able to provide room service on a 24hr basis.
If you are looking for alternative restaurants, being so close to the downtown area of San Jose helps as there is ample choice when it comes to restaurants to dine in.

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