Chile Casinos

We all know Chile for its straight-up-without-ice Pisco and enormous varieties of luscious red wines available. But, did you know some straight-up-without-crime casinos are operating in Chile? Yes, they are—and they carry a great deal of enigma intertwined with intrigue, as well as the history of casinos and gambling in Chile.


History of Casinos in Chile

The year 1852 marked the establishment of the very first casino to ever operate in Chile. While the casino is long gone, the Viña del Mar (meaning “Vineyard of the Sea”) is the oldest casino still carrying out operations. 
Although gambling in Chile is historic and has a long running time, the military days of General Pinochet were terrible for casinos and gambling as a whole. Those days, Chileans could not participate in any form of gambling except horse racing tracks. But today, Chileans can very well enjoy as many gambling activities as possible. Sports betting, poker, casino, live games, and lottery are quite strong these days.
A total of 25 casinos are granted permission by the Operational Permit Granting Process for the Casino of Gambling of early-2014. This was as a result of the Resolution Board of the Superintendence of Casinos of the Game accepting a late-2013 request by Casino Termas de Chillán SA.

Further, regarding the fact that about 17 licenses have been requested by over 40 applications, the number of casinos in Chile might double anytime soon. However, this might come to a nightmare similar to what happened in 2005 when 40 casinos were approved by the authorities. The success was cut short when the authorities discovered Thunderbird Gaming owned a whole of six licenses. They got furious, so Thunderbird Gaming filed a lawsuit. As expected, all were in favour of the government.

Current Gambling Climate

As mentioned earlier, casinos are legal in Chile. Viña del Mar, for one, is the largest and most sought-after. Viña del Mar opened in 1930, on New Year’s Eve and has become one of the biggest hotel-and-casinos in the whole of South America. On the other hand is the San Francisco de Mostazal casino, Sun Monticello Casino and Hotel, which has the largest lands in the whole of Chile.

According to Law No. 19.995, the Superintendent of Casinos de Juego (SCJ) states that there are 24 legalized casinos operating in Chile. In actual fact, there are 25 casinos currently in Chile. Concurrently, estimators suggest Chilean gamblers transact more than $10 million per annum.

Chile is one of the friendliest countries to be in. Whether you can fluently speak Spanish or not, the people are friendly and professional enough to be of tangible help. In addition, the country is gloriously known for its rich luxuries. So, if you want to visit the casinos in Chile, you are in for even more.

Casinos According to Areas

Presently, there are 25 casinos situated in 19 cities. Valparaiso has three casinos (which is the highest), while most other cities have just one—with a small percentage having two.

Types of Casinos

Horse racing tracks and casinos are much loved in Chile over any other form of gambling. Well, there are other centres offering sports betting, racinos, poker, live games, lottery and a few of the others. Most casinos in Chile are attached to hostels or cruise ships, creating a totally enjoyable environment for tourists and citizens.

The games you should expect to find in Chilean casinos are enormous. For instance, Viña del Mar offers 90+ table games and 1500+ machines. Sun Monticello Casino and Hotel offers 80+ table games and 1880+ machines. Also, there are six Pari-mutuel facilities for the lovers of horse racing, racino, and dog racing.

List of Casinos in Chile

Below is a list of all casinos currently operating in the regions of Chile.
Antay Casino & Hotel
Casino Arica
Casino de Colchagua
Casino de Juegos del Pacífico
Casino Gran Los Ángeles
Casino Luckia Arica
Casino Rinconada
Celebrity Cruises – Reflection
Dreams Coyhaique
Dreams Iquique
Dreams Punta Arenas
Dreams Puerto Varas
Dreams Temuco
Dreams Valdivia
Enjoy Antofagasta
Enjoy Chiloé
Enjoy Clochagua
Enjoy Coquimbo Bay Hotel and Casino
Enjoy Pucon Resort & Casino
Enjoy Puerto Varas Hotel and Casino
Enjoy Santiago Hotel and Casino
Enjoy Viña del Mar Casino & Resort
Gran Casino de Talca
Marina del Sol
Marina del Sol Calama
Marina del Sol Chillán
Marina del Sol Osorno
Marina del Sol Talcahuano
Oceania Cruises Marina
Ovalle Casino & Resort
Sun Monticello Casino and Hotel

Facts about Casinos in Chile

– The minimum gambling age in Chile is 18, like most countries.
– In Spanish, the word “casino” has three different meanings: a gambling house, a social club, and a canteen.
– According to Law No. 19.995, each region of Chile can have a minimum of one and a maximum of three casinos.
– The SCJ states casinos in Chile as 24, while there are 25 in actual fact.
– Valparaiso is the largest gambling city with three casinos, over 58 table games, and more than a thousand gambling machines.
– Viña del Mar welcomes more than 8,000 players every single night.
– The family of weapon specialist and arms dealer Carlos Cardoen owns 60 percent of the Colchagua Casino.
Online gambling is particularly restricted and prohibited in Chile by the government. However, any Chilean can gamble online by accessing foreign websites.