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Halfway between the major cities of San Luis and Cordoba lies the small town of Santa Rosa del Conlara. This is where Casino Tropicana Santa Rosa is located. It is an electronic gaming parlor that sits on the corner of Rivadavia and Santa Rosa de Lima in the center of town, adjacent to Plaza Pringles Park.
The nearest airport, Ingeniero Aeronautico Ambrosio International, is 3.5 hours away just outside of Cordoba. Traveling to the city can be done via the major road and requires you to travel through a toll gate where payment (in Argentinian pesos) is required. There are buses, taxis, and car rental agencies available as well.
This small town does not have many tourist attractions itself, but San Luis is a tourist hotspot because of its various natural and cultural locations. Cerro Champaqui mountain, Mina de Los Condores, Sierra de las Quijadas National Park, and the Salto del Tabaquillo waterfalls are all leading attractions.

Casino Tropicana Santa Rose del Conlara

The casino in Santa Rosa del Conlara is one of the larger properties in the province of San Luis that is part of the Tropicana brand. This electronic gaming parlor has a brightly painted yellow and green exterior as well as the typical Casino Tropicana logo. The casino opens every day at 10 AM. They close at 3 AM during the week, and at 4 AM on weekends.
Inside of the casino you will find tiled flooring and walls painted in different colors. There is plenty of lighting, both from the artificial lights and the natural light from the unblocked windows. There is a bar and cafeteria with seating available as well as a stage.
This casino is the only one in the town and is a main attraction for gamblers visiting the area. You will find a decent selection of slot machines and a single electronic roulette table with 12 seats. The bar and stage are the only other form of entertainment available to guests.
Members of URComped events and special offers notification service will be able to make use of their affiliation with the Casino Tropicana Santa Rosa.

Table Games at Casino Tropicana Santa Rose del Conlara

There is one electronic American Roulette table located towards the stage, at the back of the casino. There are 12 spots at the table available all equipped with modern touchscreen tablets for placing bets. The wheel is visible on a flat screen TV at the head of the table.
This is not the most personal experience when it comes to roulette, but on a positive note, there is still a sociable side to this game as the table is shared.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Tropicana Santa Rose del Conlara

There are 40 slot machines at Casino Tropicana Santa Rose. These machines are located throughout the gaming hall and provide a lot of ambient sounds. The casino has both classic and video slots. The lowest bet that can be made is $0.01 while some slots here have the capacity to accommodate spins in excess of $400.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Tropicana Santa Rose del Conlara

There is no hotel available at the casino and there is only one lodging company in the city which allows guests to rent cabins.
Cabanas El Telescopio has a few cabins to choose from that are simple and have their own bathrooms. By traveling 30 minutes east to the city of Villa de Merlo you can find the following accommodation:
Epic Hotel Villa de Merlo is a luxurious hotel that includes an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, a restaurant and bar, and a spa area. A standard 2-person room will cost $155 a night.
La Sonada Cabanas de Tronco has comfortable cabins available with free Wi-Fi. A 2-person cabin will cost around $60 a night.

Restaurants at Casino Tropicana Santa Rose del Conlara

The bar/cafeteria at Casino Tropicana Santa Rose provides guests with drinks and light meals. For proper meals you can look at the following restaurants nearby:
Restaurant Stratus is an Argentinian restaurant that specializes in local dishes. The restaurant is casual and is a possibility for the entire family. The operating hours are between 12 PM – 3 PM and 8:30 PM – 1 AM.
El Rancho Parilla is a casual restaurant located along the Rio Conlara river. They have a decent selection of wines and are open from 11 AM until 2 AM.

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