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This Casino Tropicana is located in the small town of San Francisco del Monte de Oro, Argentina. It is the only gambling facility available in the town and is one of the numerous Casino Tropicana properties located in the province of San Luis. The Casino Tropicana chain is owned by Grupo Slots SA, a South American company that owns various casinos in Argentina, with the bulk of them being in the province of San Luis.
Gamblers coming to Casino Tropicana San Francisco are usually attracted to the various natural and cultural locations spread throughout the province of San Luis. The nearest attractions to the town are the Rio Curtiembre, which runs through the town, and Sierra de Las Quijadas National Park.
Ingeniero Aeronautico Ambrosio International Airport is a 4.5 hour drive away from the casino and can be completed via rented car, taxi, bus, or train. There are tolls on the national road from Cordoba to San Franciso del Monte de Oro.

Casino Tropicana San Francisco

Casino Tropicana San Francisco is a medium-sized slots parlor. It is one of the larger casinos under the Tropicana brand, and houses a selection of slot machines as well as virtual roulette. The exterior of the casino is decorated with the traditional green and orange paint of Casino Tropicana.
On the inside, you will be met first be met with rows of slot machines and thereafter you will find the electronic roulette table. There is a chip counter that only accepts Argentinian pesos. The floors are tiles, the walls are painted different colors, and there is air-conditioning.
The main draw of Casino Tropicana San Francisco is its relative isolation; there are no other casinos in the town. There are, however, a few alternative options available in some of the other small towns of San Luis but they are relatively spread out.
Inside Casino Tropicana San Francisco, you will find a wide selection of over 60 electronic games and one of the largest roulette tables available at any Casino Tropicana location. The operating hours are from 10 AM to 3 AM during the week and from 10 AM to 4 AM on weekends and public holidays.

Table Games at Casino Tropicana San Francisco

The lone virtual American Roulette table at Casino Tropicana San Francisco is one of the largest single-table roulette games owned by the chain. This terminal features electronic betting tablets and a digital wheel that is projected onto a flat screen TV. This table seats up to a maximum of 16 players at a time.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Tropicana San Francisco

The rest of the games at Casino Tropicana San Francisco are slots, of which the casino has both traditional and video reel machines. The lowest betting limits features here are in $0.01 denominations.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Tropicana San Francisco

There are a few accommodation options in the town of San Francisco and its surrounding areas, but none are available directly at the casino.
La Rosanita is a small bed and breakfast located across the Plaza Pringles Park from the casino. The rooms are simple and no additional amenities are provided.
Hosteria El Algarrobo is a bit further out of town along the river. There are numerous booking options available and prices start at approximately $50 per night. There is free Wi-Fi provided for guests and no cancellation fees.
Al Otro Lado del Rio Hospedaje is across the river from the previous option and offers similar accommodation, but they do not offer free Wi-Fi. Rooms here are slightly cheaper and you can expect to pay around $45 per night.

Restaurants at Casino Tropicana San Francisco

Casino Tropicana San Francisco does not have a restaurant or cafeteria of any kind. The following restaurants are located in the town.
Vitamina Pub: A gastropub with casual dining available. They are open from 7 pm and close at 4 am. The cuisine on offer is Argentinian.
La Raina: A local restaurant that serves various Argentinian and International dishes. You can find basic comfort foods at this restaurant. The restaurant is operational from 10 am – 12 am.

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