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Casino Tropicana Luján is one of many casinos operated by Grupo Slots in the province of San Luis, Argentina. There are over 10 of these casinos throughout San Luis and other parts of Argentina. The city of Luján is small, with the casino being the main gaming attraction.
The city of Cordoba is 300 km Northeast of the casino and is home to Ingeniero International Airport. From this airport traveling to the casino will take approximately 4 hours via car, bus, or taxi. Alternatively there are plenty of car rental agencies at the airport and there is parking available in Luján.
The landscapes, nature, and indigenous populations are what make Luján and the surrounding towns popular. There is also a river that runs past the city, providing fresh, crystalline waters. Sierra de Los Michilingues, Sierra de las Quijades, Mina de Los Condores, and Salto del Tabaquillo are all popular attractions.

Casino Tropicana Luján

Casino Tropicana’s properties are generally small or medium in size. The Luján branch is an electronic gaming parlor with no table games, but it is one of the larger ones. It offers both slot machines and electronic roulette games.
The casino is painted on the outside and has the Casino Tropicana sign above the doors. Inside of the casino there is only one gaming area. The ceiling is not very high and there are a lot of games – but there is still ample space to move around.
The roulette game is located in the back corner of the casino floor and is one of the main attractions here. Other than that, the slot machines provide plenty of entertainment with their variety of games and betting options.
The casino has varying operational hours during the week. Monday-Thursday the casino is open from 10:30 AM until 3:00 AM. On Friday-Saturday it is open from 10:30 AM until 4:00 AM and on Sunday, from 7:00 PM until 3:00 AM.

Table Games at Casino Tropicana Luján

Casino Tropicana Luján has a single electronic table game for American Roulette. This roulette table is located in the back corner of the gaming floor. There is an easily visible flat screen TV that shows the wheel and betting is conducted on tablets provided.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Tropicana Luján

The rest of the 21 games at Casino Tropicana Luján are all video reel slot machines. These games offer different betting options and the minimum bet at all Casino Tropicana locations is $0.01.
There are both 4-reel and 5-reel video slot machines available and their selection of games includes titles like Dancing Spirit, Kismet, and Aphrodite.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Tropicana Luján

None of Casino Tropicana’s properties have a hotel, and the same is true in Luján. Guests will have to choose between staying at the one accommodation option available in the town or choosing something further away.
Hotel Luján is a highly-rated hotel at the Southern entrance of Luján. They offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and cancellation services. There are two guest and three guest deals available, with a standard two bedroom room starting at $60 per night. There is also a bar and restaurant in the city.
Cabanas Misky Wayra is located in a town around 45 minutes drive away from Luján. The business offers cabins for guests to rent. These all come with en-suite bathrooms and Wi-Fi. A cabin will cost you around $90 a night.

Restaurants at Casino Tropicana Luján

There is no restaurant or bar available at Casino Tropicana Luján but dor dining, you can try out the following restaurants nearby:
Sabor a Ti, Bar Tematico, is a restaurant/bar that is open in the evenings from 7:30 PM until 12:00 AM. They have a few tables and it is a casual restaurant to come to and eat a simple Argentinian meal.
Mia Famiglia is a family-owned Italian style restaurant. They have an a la carte menu and mainly serve Italian dishes. They are open from 12:00 PM until 4:00 AM daily.

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