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Casino Puerto Madryn Zona Sur is owned by the Casino Puerto Madryn group. There are three of these casinos located in the city of Puerto Madryn and the Zona Sur (south) property is the second largest, containing both electronic games and live table games.
Puerto Madryn’s main attractions are all linked to nature. This part of the Argentine coast is filled with wildlife including various seal, penguin, and bird colonies. A wide range of day trips can be organized to different parts of the island including the Valdes Peninsula, Punta Loma, and Punta Tambo. You can also visit the various beaches which have plenty of aquatic activities to choose from.
The airport nearest to the city is Puerto Madryn Airport. It is approximately a 15-minute drive away from the casino. There is public transportation at the airport, including taxis and buses. Certain hotels also have shuttle services available. There are car rental agencies outside the airport and parking is available at the casino.

Casino Puerto Madryn

Casino Puerto Madryn Zona Sur is the second biggest casino in the city. They have a selection of table games, slots, and electronic gaming machines. The casino’s interior is a mix of lush carpets, ambient neon lighting, and background music. The premises are divided into the main gaming hall and the confectionary. The casino has fixed operating hours between 12 PM and 4 AM.
This casino is an attraction for any gambling enthusiast visiting the area because it offers a decent selection of over 50 casino games. These games are split into different areas based on the type of game being offered. There is also a confectionary which serves guests with drinks and snacks. The confectionary has a few couches and TVs for guests to relax away from the noise of the casino. However, there are no restaurants or accommodations available.

Table Games at Casino Puerto Madryn Zona Sur

In total there are 12 table games at Casino Puerto Madryn Zona Sur, these games are roulette, craps, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. This selection of games is decent, but there are only a few tables for each game. The casino is not very large so every available space is taken up.
Regarding roulette, there is both an electronic and a live table. The electronic table does not require a dealer and allows up to 12 players at a time. The live table obviously comes with a croupier who will open the table later in the afternoon along with the other table games. Both of these games feature the American Roulette variety.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Puerto Madryn

The rest of the games at Casino Puerto Madryn are electronic gaming machines. They have standard slots, progressive jackpot slot machines, and a few video poker machines.
These games are also all located in the gaming hall and are generally surrounding the table games, with the exception of an area purely devoted to various other slot machines.
These slot machine games feature many of the latest titles and the casino management has recently upgraded most of their machines. These upgrades have resulted in more video reel machines with a much wider variety of games and denominations to choose from than the casino previously had on offer.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Puerto Madryn

You can choose from the following hotels in Puerto Madryn:
Territorio Puerto Madryn is a 5-star hotel located in the south of the city, not too far from the casino. A standard room will cost you at least $115 a night. Amenities include a business center, restaurant, bar, spa, and hot tub.
Hotel Quimey Quipan is another hotel in the south of the city, but that is much cheaper with rooms starting at $60 a night. There is a restaurant at the hotel and they offer both laundry and room service.
Solar de la Costa is a 3-star hotel located more centrally in the city, along with the coastline. Guests are treated to free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and cancellation. A room costs $70 a night.

Restaurants at Casino Puerto Madryn

As we mentioned earlier, there are no restaurants available at the casino. The following restaurants are located in Puerto Madryn:
Pizzeria Halloween is the perfect place for a quick meal without any fuss. The restaurant offers a sit-in or takeaway and serves a variety of pizza toppings.
Sara Beach is located in the south of the city, along with the coastline. This restaurant is stylish and serves a variety of seafood and other dishes for lunch and dinner.
La China is a local restaurant that specializes in Argentinian dishes but also offers other popular international dishes.

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