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In northwest Argentina, in the province of Salta, lies the town of Oran where Casino Oran is located. It is a locally-owned establishment that caters primarily to locals in the area, and is a relatively low-key establishment. The town of Oran is a peaceful settlement made up mostly of farmers.
The only way into the city is by car, bus or small airplane. It is recommended to fly into Buenos Aires International and catch a connecting flight from there into the small airport in Oran. Alternatively you can catch a bus into the town or drive a rental car which can be found in Buenos Aires.

Casino Oran

The casino is in a very bland-looking building with a small “Casino” sign above the entrance. There is just one floor at this casino and it encompasses the entire gaming floor. The casino is sometimes rented out for special events such as live music and comedy shows. The casino is open daily from 10 AM to 4 AM.

Table Games at Casino Oran

There are approximately 20 table games at this casino.
There are five live blackjack tables comprising of two $20 min. tables and three $50 min. tables. The $20 tables accept max bets of $200 while the $50 tables accept max bets of $500. The $20 tables all include a bonus side bet, which is PairsPlus.
In addition to Blackjack, there are 5 standard roulette tables; all of which use the French version of the game. The roulette tables encourage Voisins du Zero/neighbours of zero bets, plus Tiers du Cylindre/Third of the wheel and Orphelins/Orphans bets. The min/max bets for straight bets are $10 and $100, simple chances are $100 and $1000, and min/max bets allowed for double chances are $100 and $1500.
Furthermore, there are five Punto Banco tables. The limits for these tables have a min/max bet of $10 and $1000 respectively; while, the max bet allowed for betting on a Tie is $500.
Lastly, there are 5 poker tables where you can play Caribbean Stud Poker. The min/max bets allowed for these tables are $20 and $200.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Oran

There are 406 electronic gaming machines at this casino and they include state of the art slots with the latest technology. When it comes to slots, there are classic 3-reel machines that require you to pull a mechanical lever to spin the reels. There are also video slots ranging from 3 to 5 reels. The slot machines accept coin denominations of between $0.01-$1, and there are 8 live jackpots going that link some of the video slots.
In addition to slots, there are some other machines besides for slots like the video poker machines and multi-game machines that are available. The limits for the video slots and multi-game machines com with a min/max be of around $0.25 and $1.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Oran

There is no hotel at the casino in Oran, however, if you look in the nearby suburbs you will find some good hotel options.
Hotel El Palmar is a small, tropical themed hotel near the casino. The rate per night for a standard room that sleeps two is $35 per person sharing. The rooms are simple with double beds or twin single beds. Amenities include free Wi-Fi and breakfast and covered parking.
Hotel Avenida is a low-key hotel in the northern part of town. This hotel charges $40 per night for a standard room that sleeps two. The rooms come with free Wi-Fi and room service available. There is a small hot tub and an informal bar/restaurant at this hotel and other amenities include a free continental breakfast.
Hotel San Ramón is a quirky warehouse-turned-hotel that offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions. The rates for these rooms are $25 per night and includes only free parking (and no other amenities).
Hotel Crillon lies in the center of the town and is ideal for groups of 2-4 people (family-friendly). The rate per night for a room here is $50 per room which sleeps a maximum of 4 people.

Restaurants at Casino Oran

There isn’t a restaurant or bar at the casino. Restaurants close-by include:
Pizzería Tio Bigote: Local pizza restaurant
El Balcón: Rooftop café, and a bar
Yo Pancho: Modern restaurant that’s American-diner themed
Alquimia La Cantina: Gastro bar with a very comprehensive cocktail selection.

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