Hipódromo Azul Review (Racetrack)

Hipódromo Azul is located in the center of the Argentinian province of Buenos Aires. The city of Azul is halfway between the capital of Buenos Aires and the city of Bahia Blanca. It is the 4th most active horse racing track in the country and was modernized in the year 2000 by the group of members that currently administrate it.
There are no airports nearby Azul and guests will have to travel either from Ezeiza International Airport, in the capital of Buenas Aires, or Mar de Plata International airport, in the coastal city of Mar del Plata. Both take approximately 3 hours and offer domestic and international flights. Both public transport, buses and taxis, and car rental agencies are available.
Tourist attractions in Azul include the Monasterio Trapense, the Cementerio Unico de Azul, the Teatro Espanol de Azul, and the Catedral Nuestra Senora del Rosario. Outside the city, tourists can visit the Boca de Las Sierras Nature Reserve, the Costanera Cacique Gabriel dam, and the Burgos Lake.

Racetrack and Sportsbook at Hipódromo Azul

The Hipódromo Azul has gone through various stages of growth and decline over the years. Most recently it has grown into one of the biggest horse race tracks in the country, despite its isolated location. The Hipódromo Azul S.A sign is clearly visible from the outside.
The building is small but elegant. The single floor is painted white and features a large garden area around the entrance. Inside, you can find a cafeteria and sports betting area. At the back, you will find the race track which runs counter-clockwise and is well-maintained by the governing body.
Sports betting is the main attraction at Hipódromo Azul and the only betting opportunity for those interested. It is a popular place to bring the entire family and has plenty of places to relax. The cafeteria and bar serve guests with light meals and drinks. The race track is privately-owned by a local group of businessmen and their commitment to the track is popular with local customers and traveling enthusiasts.
The race track is open from 7 am until 7 pm every day.

Hotel and Accommodations at Hipódromo Azul

Hipódromo Azul does not have hotel accommodation available. Guests can choose from the following nearby options:
Chacras de Azcona is located on the other side of Azul and offers numerous rooms in a classical building. There is an outdoor pool as well as free breakfast and Wi-Fi. A double room will cost $80 a night.
Cabanas Las Tahonas is located further outside of town. Numerous private cabins are available to rent on a peaceful properly that features an outdoor swimming pool. The simplest cabins cost around $50 a night.
Campos de Catriel is a camping spot that also has cabins available to rent. The rooms are comfortable with queen-size beds and en-suite bathrooms.

Restaurants at Hipódromo Azul

The cafeteria and bar at Hipódromo Azul cannot be considered a restaurant but does provide visitors with drinks and light meals while watching the races. Guests wanting a restaurant can choose from the following:
Pizzeria Y Confiteria La Nueva is a sit-down/takeaway pizza restaurant serving a variety of pizzas and other simple meals. It is open daily from 9:30 am until midnight and is less than a 5-minute drive away from the race track.
Restaurante Los Alamos is an Argentinian style restaurant that opens daily for lunch and dinner service.

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