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Casino Concordia is a privately-owned venture in the city of Concordia, which is located along the Uruguay River that separates Argentina from neighboring Uruguay. It is in the Northwest region of Argentina where there are plenty of casinos, hotels and accommodation options.
Concordia sits along a stretch of the Uruguay River that is fairly narrow, allowing tourists to easily see, and potentially visit, Uruguay. There are plenty of activities to enjoy on the river itself, including fishing, boat rides, and riverside dining. Other tourist attractions in the area include San Carlos Castle, Lago de Salto Grande, and the San Antonio Cathedral.
This area of Argentina is isolated from many of the nearby airports, with the nearest option being over 4 hours drive away, outside the city of Rosario. Airport de Rosario Islas Malvinas is an international airport that provides flights from most major destinations in South America and around the world. There are car rental agencies available but public transport is limited to buses which travel daily from the airport to Concordia.

Casino Concordia

Casino Concordia houses both electronic and live casino table games in their moderately sized premises. The interior decoration is simple and features tiled floors, single color walls, and plenty of artificial lighting. The casino is divided into the reception area, where gamblers can purchase chips, the main gaming area, which also houses their bar, and the El Yatay restaurant, that is owned and managed by the Jiggs Kalra restaurant chain.
The casino opens in the mornings at 9 AM and closes the following morning at 3 AM. Only the electronic games open at 9 AM, and the rest of the services open at different times throughout the day. The restaurant and bar open at lunchtime and the live table games open in the afternoon at 6 PM.

Table Games at Casino Concordia

There are just 9 table games available at Casino Concordia and they are found scattered throughout the main gaming hall. These games are divided into two different sections. One section houses the roulette and craps tables, and the other section houses the card games, made up of poker, blackjack, and baccarat.
The roulette and craps tables offer the same betting limits with the minimum bet starting at $1 and the maximum bet stopping at $100. These tables are the main attraction for high rollers coming to Casino Concordia.
The card games make up the majority of the tables, with 7 tables devoted to the different game variations. The tables are divided as follows: 3 blackjack tables, 3 poker tables, and 1 Punto Banco baccarat table.
The blackjack tables are split between a low, medium, and high limit betting table. The low betting table has a minimum bet of $5 per hand, while the high limit table has a minimum bet of $25 per hand.
The poker tables all offer the same maximum bet of $25 per hand but offer different game varieties. The three varieties on offer are Ultimate Texas Hold ’Em, Three Card Poker, and Five Card Stud – all of which are played against the house.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Concordia

There is a selection of 56 electronic games available at Casino Concordia. This is relatively small for an Argentinian casino, but they offer a selection of slot machines and a few video poker games.
The slot machines are mostly older games with traditional mechanical reel machines – but there are a few modern video reel slot machines. Both single denomination and multi-denomination betting are available.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Concordia

There are no accommodations available at Casino Concordia, but you will be able to find a number of different hotels within walking distance.
Palmar Hotel Casino is the closest lodging option, and it will take you less than 5 minutes to walk to the casino from here. They are a 3-star hotel that has amenities such as complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, and their own in-house casino. A room will cost you around $100 a night.
Hotel Salto Grande is a 4-star hotel that comes at a cheaper cost than most, with standard rooms available from $60. They have an outdoor pool and bar, an indoor restaurant, and a hot tub. Guests are also provided with complimentary breakfast.

Restaurants at Casino Concordia

The restaurant and bar at Casino Concordia are popular with gamblers and the public alike. The bar is simple and mainly serves alcoholic drinks and snacks to players at their table or slot machine.
The restaurant is where you can go for a full meal. El Yatay is owned by the Jiggs Kalra chain and therefore managed independently from the casino. It is a popular restaurant chain in Argentina and they specialize in Argentinian classics. The menu is reasonably priced and they have a wide variety of vegetarian and meat options.

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