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On the corner of Santa Catalina and Quaranta Avenue in the city of Posadas, Argentina lies Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus. This casino is operated by Casino Club SA; one of the largest casino operators in Argentina. The company owns more than 25 casinos in the country, and they have several properties within the city of Posadas.
Posadas is a border town that sits along the Parana River which offers various activities including fishing, boat rides, and dinners. From the banks of the river, you can also admire the neighboring country of Paraguay. Other popular nearby attractions include the ruins of a remote colonial mission, known as San Ignacio Mini, the Plaza San Martin, and the Anibal Cambas Regional Museum.
Libertador General Jose de San Martin is the nearest airport. It is a 15-minute drive away from Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus and is situated just outside the casino premises, along the western side. There are buses and taxis that run between the airport and the city regularly. Alternatively, you can rent a car from one of the various car rental agencies outside the airport.

Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus

Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus is one of the smallest casinos owned by Casino Club S.A. It is one of the many small shops located inside the Terminal Posadas. It is actually an electronic gaming parlor because they only offer a variety of slots, video poker and other virtual games, with no live tables available.
The slots parlors that are owned by Casino Club S.A. are popular because they offer a nice selection of slot machines, virtual roulette and other electronic games. Of all their games, the electronic roulette and progressive jackpot slots are the most attractive.
This casino in particular is famous for its sophisticated design and has even won numerous international awards because of it. The focal point of their décor is the use of glass to make gamblers feel as if they are in a glass cube.
Apart from the electronic games and the classy design, there is also a small cafeteria available which serves food and drink. This casino has unique operating hours because of its location inside the Terminal Posadas. It opens daily at 8 AM and closes at 2 PM during the week (which includes Sundays) and at 3 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Table Games at Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus

There is a single electronic roulette table is available at Casino Club Terminal and it seats up to 8 players at a time. The table features an American roulette wheel with digital betting tablets and a digital wheel. The bets available at this table range from $0.50 to $50 and it is, therefore, one of the highest limit games available at the casino.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus

The slot machines are plentiful and Casino Club Terminal has one of the largest selection of classic reel slot machines out of any casino in Argentina. These games are popular among classic gaming enthusiasts, offering single denomination betting and a variety of different options to choose from.
Apart from these machines they also have a decent selection of video slots. These machines offer a variety of denominations that can be varied in-between spins. Electronic machine games accept bets from $0.01 up until $25 per spin.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus

Being situated in a shopping center with unique operating hours, Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus does not have an on-site hotel. Accommodation must be found elsewhere at one of the many hotels available in Posadas. A few options of varying prices and locations are:
Hotel Oaky is the nearest option that allows guests to access their outdoor swimming pool and bar. A standard room costs around $50 per night.
Hotel Costa Azul is slightly further away and slightly more expensive, with rooms going for $60 a night. These packages include free breakfast and WiFi.
Sima Apartamentos is a block of apartments available to rent for short stays. A room here is reasonably priced at $25 a night and includes a connection to the apartment’s WiFi.

Restaurants at Casino Club Terminal de Omnibus

The cafeteria at Casino Club Terminal is only available for lunch and offers a few light meals like sandwiches, burgers, and salads. For dinner, or larger meals, one can try out the following restaurants:
I Love Pizza is a nearby Pizza restaurant that is open for lunches and dinners. They offer both traditional style pizzas as well as numerous ‘unique’ topping options.
Parrila Hasta El Huesito is a slightly more sophisticated option that is also located nearby to the casino. They are only open for lunch and supper. There are numerous tables to choose from and the dining hall is spacious with plenty of natural lighting.

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