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Casino Apóstoles lies in the subtropical Corrientes province of northeastern Argentina, bounded by the Paraná and Uruguay rivers. This is the only casino located within the city of Apóstoles that offers table games, slots and electronic machines. The area surrounding the casino is a popular ecotourism destination. The region is known for its golden dorado fly fishing, water-skiing, hiking and cycling (especially mountain-biking).
The city of Apóstoles is quite far away from any international airports in Argentina. For this reason, it is recommended to fly into the regional airport from the international airport in Buenos Aires and drive the rest of the way (alternatively you can catch a bus instead of driving).

Casino Apóstoles

Casino Apóstoles is located inside of a rectangular building featuring revolving doors at the entrance. Above the entrance are two large black signs with the name of the casino in colorful flashing lights. The casino is open daily with different operating hours for weekdays and weekends. They are open Sunday-Thursday from 12 PM until 4 AM and Friday-Saturday from 12 PM until 5 AM.
Inside of the casino there is one room with a stage and lots of seating where they regularly host comedy shows and live music events. This area also includes seating for the restaurant. Aside from entertainment, the live entertainment room is sometimes used for special Texas Hold ‘em tournaments.

Table Games at Casino Apóstoles

There are 4 live American roulette tables at the casino with minimum bets ranging from $5 to $20. Furthermore, there are an additional 3 electronic roulette terminals. Bets are placed on the touch screen, which have slots that take cash. Electronic roulette also offers a lower minimum bet compared to live roulette, with minimum and maximum bets of $1 to $10.
In addition to roulette, there are 2 blackjack games offered. Both of these tables offer the popular Pairs Plus side bet.
There are two more card games featured here, both of which are casino poker variants. Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em and Caribbean Stud Poker are the two varieties offered.
All of the tables that offer card games have 7 seats available at each, which means they can get quite busy on the weekends. Because of this, plan to get there early on Fridays/Saturdays.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Apóstoles

Casino Apóstoles arguably has one of the most advanced electronic gaming machine rooms in Argentina. There are two different types of slot machines with classic-style mechanical reels and video slots both available. Classic slots come with the traditional 3-reels and sound effects; while there is also a large collection of modern video slots.
Video slots come with the latest themes, have 5 or more reels, the option to select how many coins you would like to wager per line, and some also allow players to toggle the number of lines being bet. There is also a selection of progressive slots for those looking to land a big win.
The other types of electronic games available at this casino are multi-game machines. You can play Keno, bet on virtual horses, play a variety of custom card games and more. There is also a selection of video poker machines. All slots, multi-game machines, and video poker accept coin denominations of $0.25 to $25 per credit.

Hotel and Accommodations at Casino Apóstoles

There is no hotel, accommodations or overnight facilities at the casino but you will find accommodation in the surrounding areas.
Hotel Misiones is a church that has been transformed into a Christian hotel for backpackers with dormitory style rooms and communal living. The cost of a bed here is roughly $15 per night and it costs extra for a meal ticket.
Hotel Casa Grande is a modern hotel with very simple features to ensure that it stays low-cost. A night here will cost you around $35 per night for two people sharing an ordinary room. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Other amenities are an outdoor pool and an informal restaurant.
Valenti Hotel is an upscale hotel with modern features. It will cost you $70 per night for a standard room that sleeps two. There is a rooftop bar and trendy restaurant as well as a gym. Other amenities include free WiFi and a complimentary breakfast.

Restaurants at Casino Apóstoles

There is a restaurant at the casino called Restobar and it utilizes a variety of gastronomical techniques and modern cooking styles to meet the requirements of a 4-star restaurant. There is also a a fully stocked bar and a buffet option on certain days of the week. Other popular restaurants in the area include:
Lo de Pedro is a local pizza restaurant that uses fresh ingredients.
Leo Pizzas Club specializes in providing a unique gourmet pizza experience and it is a great place for children.
Bon Appetit Hamburgueseria is a local hamburger joint that makes gourmet burgers and other fast food items.

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