Casino Miami’s Epic Giveaway

Recently, it seems as though all we have been talking about centers around casino legislation in Northern states; most of which is not faring too well. While that is so, we do have some good news coming out of Miami, Florida. Casino Miami, as part of an ongoing giveaway, is going to soon award a patron with a cash prize of $1 million. No, this prize is not attached to a tournament or other competition, it is going to be awarded randomly.

Casino Miami has been giving away prizes for the past few months, but this is, by far, the largest prize. In fact, it would constitute the largest prize ever given away by the casino.

5-Year Anniversary Celebration

Casino Miami initially opened its doors all the way back on January 21st of 2012. To kick off the 2017 New Year, the casino decided that it would celebrate its 5 years of existence by putting on 100 days of prizes. In the days since the end of January many prizes have been awarded, but the one that will be dealt in April is, by far, the largest.

On April 8th, from 5PM until 2AM, 15 names will be drawn at intervals of 30 minutes. Being that this contest spans over the course of 10 hours, we will see 300 total names called. All 300 winners will then be asked to play a special kiosk game that awards each player with varying prizes. Amongst the many prizes able to be won on the day is $1 million, which one of the 300 contestants will walk away with.

For those who might not know, Casino Miami is just one of three casinos located in close proximity to the ever-busy Miami International Airport. As has become typical of Florida casinos, the site is technically considered to be a racetrack casino due to its existence at a horse track.

There has never been a better time for Casino Miami to run a publicity stunt like this, because the site is still recovering from financial problems and is currently in the midst of a renovation of sorts. After its poker room closed last year, Casino Miami has been doing everything it can to bring patrons through the doors. Casino Miami management is hoping that some facelift measures will go a long way and ultimately result in it being the go-to Miami area gambling destination. Of course, only time will tell if this publicity stunt will pay off for the brick and mortar facility.