Casino Hits The Jackpot with Network Infrastructure

When Aristocrat approached Ute Mountain Casino to be a beta site for a new Ethernet system to support their Oasis 360 Casino Management System, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of an upgraded network infrastructure.

Dawn Casey, IT Director and Dan Long, Slot Director from Ute Mountain outlined a list of goals they wanted to achieve with their network upgrade.

Enhance their existing infrastructure
Make it more customizable for their environment Improve reporting capabilities
Have the capability to push out media to their slot machines to provide more interaction with their customers
Casey explained, “Our IT staff came to a point where we had done everything we could possibly do to configure our network and infrastructure. Aristocrat recommended Marco because they had partnered with Marco on some network projects in the past and they were very impressed with their talents.”

Casey and Long worked with Marco’s technology advisor, Chad Vukich and network engineer Ryan Dyrud. Marco assessed Ute Mountain Casino’s network infrastructure and made recommendations to upgrade their current network with a storage area network (SAN) to support the Oasis 360 system and make their system IP ready for VMware virtualization software and other new technologies.

“I really enjoyed working with Ryan,” Long said. “He’s like a brain surgeon. He made everything really easy to understand and he was very thorough in his diagnosis. He was willing to explain each step to make my job easier, and his knowledge was so elite we didn’t have to worry about which step to take next because he was already heading in the right direction.”

The Solution

Marco’s staff worked very closely with Ute Mountain’s diverse IT staff as they were building the entire network to connect all of their slot machines.

“Our IT staff enjoyed the work experience and knowledge they got from Marco’s team,” said Casey. “They felt they were all part of one team working toward one ultimate goal.”

Casey said the new network infrastructure enabled them to complete their Oasis software implementation three hours ahead of schedule. “That is never, ever done in IT land,” said Casey.

“We had very few problems with the install because of the infrastructure that was put in place – that’s a really good place to be in.” Long added, “We couldn’t have asked for a better migration.” As we all know when it comes to implementing new technology, the true test of a strong vendor partnership is when an issue arises. Ute Mountain encountered a hardware issue early on during their software implementation. When they were doing the data migration over to their new SAN, they experienced some cluster difficulties.

Casey said, “Right away Marco was on the phone figuring out what was happening. That’s the one thing about the Marco team is that they will not give up until it is done and done properly, and I really appreciate that.” “I would recommend Marco to anyone who wants to upgrade their system because they know what they are doing,” said Long. “If it hadn’t been for the Marco team, our success wouldn’t be what it is today.”

Casey added, “Marco’s knowledge has increased our productivity by about 50% as far as the network infrastructure being built, addressed, and managed properly.”