If you have read some of the several online casino reviews featured on CasinoRankings, you may have encountered the term ‘Reverse Withdrawal’.

Well what does it actually mean and why do I consider the reverse withdrawal facility a wolf in sheep’s clothing, when it comes to the player?

This article covers in-depth as to why online casinos employ the reverse withdrawal facility for players and why in our view reverse withdrawals are inherently bad for the player, but very good for the casino.

Hopefully you will find this article of use and as a result it will help improve your overall experience playing on a casino online. More importantly as well, by being clued up on how reverse withdrawals are implemented, you will ensure you don’t fall into the trap of utilising such a facility.

What is the Reverse Withdrawal Facility?

Reverse withdrawal is simply the facility for a player at an online casino to reverse their pending cashout of funds won at the casino and thus continue playing with them. Now why do we consider this a bad practice, especially as the majority of the online casinos which we have reviewed on CR emply this facility?

We do not necessarily object to casinos providing this facility for players, however in our view many of the casinos found online, of which there are hundreds more than what we recommend on our casino reviews pages, take advantage of the reverse withdrawal facility to the detriment of their customers – You the player.

The vast majority of online casinos which we feature on CasinoRankings.com, hold any withdrawals of winnings in a pending state for a minimum period of 24 hours, and some such as Roxy Palace Casino, keep withdrawals in a pending state for 48 Hours, before a withdrawal is ‘Flushed’ and subsequently processed.

When a withdrawal is in a ‘pending state’, the player has the ability to reverse any amount of the withdrawal up to the full total pending and deposit it back into their player account. Therefore being able to play with the money.

Should the player win and cashout again, the pending withdrawal clock starts over. But in many cases, a player who reverses their withdrawal, tends to go on to lose the lot. Bearing in mind, casinos are geared so the house in the end always wins.

Flush Withdrawal Upon Request

There are several online casinos which although employ a 24 hour pending withdrawal status can and do flush your withdrawal upon request. Those casinos which allow this and are featured on the site are indicated on their dedicated review page.

There are also some Online Casinos albeit few and far between, who do not implement the reverse withdrawal facility. These operators are highlighted on our casino reviews pages. It has to be said the UK Facing Bookmakers who operate online casinos though are geared to instantly processing withdrawal requests. This is in part down to the nature of their business whereby sports bets are settled immediately at the end of any event.

Reverse Withdrawals – The Positives

There are positives for players having the reverse withdrawal facility. Indeed the majority of players at online casinos are able to stick to the limits that they set themselves. Reverse Withdrawal, can be a handy feature to use, should you want to continue playing at a later point, especially if you use a web wallet such as neteller which you currently do not have any funds in.

But we urge players to treat the facility at hand with respect. Should you not be able show restraint in using the reverse facility, then perhaps you would be better off playing at a casino such as Guts which automatically flushes withdrawals upon the request for withdrawing funds.

Reverse Withdrawals – The Negatives

To be honest, there is no excuse for any online casino not to flush withdrawals upon request of the player. Certainly from having worked for a well known Microgaming Casino Operator, I know it can easily be done and is done at several casinos. The sole reasons some casinos do not flush withdrawals upon request, is due to the casino hoping you reverse. Subsequently losing any amount you previously actioned to withdraw.

In summary we will still feature casinos that do not flush withdrawals upon request, but on each review on the site, we will clearly detail how long the pending state lasts.

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