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To be a winner in a casino, you must make only bets with the lowest casino advantage using proper betting techniques and money management. Gamble with the proper attitude. You are gambling to win as well as to have a good time. You intend to give the casinos a fair fight for their money using all the playing and betting skills available to you. Your biggest advantage is the fact that you can quit playing anytime you want. Therefore, try to discipline yourself to quit a session a winner. Winning a small amount is a lot better than losing or breaking even. Just remember that you can’t be a winner until you learn to quit a winner.

Finding the Best Casinos

Reviewing land-based casinos is a lot more difficult and involved than online casinos. Since a player’s experience can be subjective we base our casino rankings on things that (most players will agree) make for a better gaming experience.

Game varietyThe main reason most players visit a casino is to gamble. So it makes sense that a casino’s game variety would be at the top of our list of considerations when reviewing a casino. It’s no fun to visit a casino with only slot machines unless of course, you’re a slots enthusiast. So with that in mind, we look at things like How many different table games does a casino offer? Is there enough variety in betting limits to accommodate players on any budget (ie. $5 blackjack, penny slots, nickel video poker, etc)? Do they offer alternative forms of gambling like sports betting and live poker?

Decent odds/RTP – It’s no secret to most players that “the house always wins” due to the built in house edge of their games. And while land-based casinos’ revenues have declined in recent years, many of them continue to make the return-to-player percentages worse for players by tightening slot machines, removing blackjack rules that benefit the player, and making video poker pay tables worse. We believe casinos earn enough revenue without having to squeeze every dime they can out of players. So when we visit a brick-and-mortar casino we love to find casinos who aren’t afraid to offer players better odds than the competition.

Top-notch player supportThis includes everyone from the cage cashiers to the dealers to the casino VIP hosts. All it takes is one negative interaction for a player to become frustrated and have a bad experience. That’s why we look for casinos that are known for taking care of players.

Good comps – Just like it’s nice to find a casino with high RTP games, we also enjoy casinos that offer good player comps. Players should easily be able to earn a food or buffet ticket and have the opportunity to earn much more based on their play. We’ve had team members who are lost hundreds of dollars in a single trip and next month were sent $5 in free play, which is just insulting.

Amenities – For those who want to do more than gamble in a casino all day, we look for those little extras that make a trip to a casino resort a better experience. Things we look for include,

  • Number of quality restaurants, bars, cafes, etc on site
  • Free in-room amenities like coffee, water, and wifi
  • Free transportation to and from the casino
  • Outdoor entertainment options such as golf and swimming pools
  • A full-service spa
  • Unique amenities such as a non-smoking area