California Casinos Bet on Outdoor Gambling

California casinos have found a solution to keep the gambling businesses going by setting up outdoor card rooms under tents.

Amid the economic crisis like these, many companies have been considering innovative ways to keep the business going. However, some believe it is not the safest solution, and many players still prefer to stay indoors and gamble online.

California Pop Up Card Rooms

In March, the executive orders led the closures of all non-essential businesses, including California casinos, due to the pandemic. Later, Governor Gavin Newsom eased the indoor businesses’ restrictions before enforcing the second round of closure in 19 counties.

On September 4, the Bay Area cardroom opened for business in San Mateo, one of the 19 counties. This operation was launched under a big open-sided tent.

While speaking to the media, Vince DeFriese, the Casino President at Artichoke Joe’s, said:

“We call it our open-air casino as we brought our gaming operations out into the tent.”

Table Games at Hand

This casino provides classic real money table games like three-card poker, pai gow, baccarat, and blackjack 24 hours a day. The new open-air casino provides 32 card tables, and all of these games can be played, excluding Texas Hold ‘em. In addition, the gambling tent also offers a dining area serving food between 7 am and 3 pm along with the card tables.

DeFriese further added that they are still trying to figure out a way to properly social distance, which is a challenge with that game.

Relief for Casino Employees

However, Artichoke Joe’s is not the only casino that moved its operation outdoors. Stars Casino was the first cardroom in California to launch outdoor operations in San Joaquin County. Both these casinos announced that they were “recalling almost all of the employees” back at their casinos. Earlier, most casinos had furloughed their staff in the wake of the pandemic-led closures.

According to the statement from Stars:

“The outdoor gaming operations will enable the local cardroom to restore the jobs of the employees, most of whom have not been working for months, as the cardroom remained closed.”

Covid-19 Impact on California Casinos

The governor had asked tribal casinos to shut down amid the pandemic. However, he has no legal jurisdiction over them as they operate on sovereign land. Almost all the tribal casinos have their operations.

Casinos began to reopen in May, and health officials in Sand Diego County examined whether or not a cluster of positive coronavirus cases transmitted through a tribal casino.

By late spring, almost all state casinos reopened with no repercussions. Some reported cases were linked to possible transmission from tribal casinos. However, there was no conclusive evidence to substantiate the claim.

Online Gambling is the Safest Option

Though outdoor cardrooms may offer card players a solution avoiding the virus risks, there is another threat. California casino players are still exposed to bad air quality.

The draughts-induced wildfires pose another threat to players’ health as they go out to play. According to the AirNow, air conditions in San Joaquin Country are “unhealthy” in San Mateo County.

Despite these counties’ attempt, the ideal option for casino players to ensure their safety by playing real money gambling online. Indeed, staying home would be the best solution even if you have to gamble. Nothing is more important than your life.