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Bringing Sexy Back to Slot Tournaments, Part 4: Requirements and Evaluating Solutions

From dynamic signage to real-time leaderboards and Vegas-style announcers, it’s possible to bring the sexy back to today’s slot tournaments. And, as you know, most could certainly use some help. Luckily, there are solutions.

After reading Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series, we hope you’ve started with the first solution: conjuring up some exciting slot tournament experiences for your casino. If you haven’t, try sitting down with our slot tournament article series and the framework form included at the end of this article. The questions will help guide you through the planning, execution and content delivery steps that will lead you to the optimal tournament experience (see Figure 1). We bet that after this exercise, some rousing tournament experience ideas will emerge—and when they do, you’ll be ready to start exploring the technology solutions that can help you turn those ideas into reality.

Figure 1After you’ve outlined the optimal tournament experience, the requirements necessary to implement your event becomes clear. Knowing and understanding those requirements will be critical as you start to search for solutions, and those technology solutions could be the key to turning it all around.

From Multimedia Games’ TournEvent® to IGT’s Tournament Manager, Bally Technologies’ DM Tournaments, ATRONIC/SPIELO’s TournaMaster™ and Spectronix’s TournaMax™, we’ve seen an array of possible solutions, all offering something unique. Whether you need new games or want to revamp old ones, are looking for real-time leaderboards or a simpler and more accurate way to keep score, the chances are good you’ll be able to find some help in the manufacturing sphere. And in this economy, even if you can’t find the perfect fix, there are surely some small vendors out there that would love the chance to build something custom for you for the right price.

Once you’ve had the chance to evaluate the available solutions, pull out the slot tournament system evaluation form included in this article. The tool walks you through a series of yes or no questions that, with good answers, will help you understand the requirements necessary to produce the tournament of your dreams. It will also help you manage your vendor relationship if you can’t find a perfect solution. After completing your review, the form with the most “yes” boxes selected will likely be the system that can best help you achieve your tournament goals. If you’ve answered “no” for any category of your selected system, be sure to talk to the vendor about delivering that specific solution in the long term to ensure your overall satisfaction.

Like we’ve said before, it’s not easy to make a slot tournament actually fun. There’s lots of work involved getting those glossy-eyed players lined up and down a row of ancient machines and furiously tapping a bet button. But if you can approach the idea with fresh eyes and an open mind, not worrying about how you will execute it, we think you might find yourself closer to creating an event that actually does bring the sexy back to slot tournaments. By following the framework and using the forms we’ve created throughout this series, we hope to see some sexy during your next slot tournament.

Use the slot tournaments framework form and system evaluation form to guide the planning of your next slot tournament.

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