Viktor Blom aka Isildur1

Born in Sweden on the 26th of September 1990, Viktor Blom was best known in the poker arena by his online alias of Isildur1. He made his way into the online poker scene back in 2009 by winning at the high-stakes games at Full Tilt Poker, challenging a lot of those who are regarded as the crème dela crème of poker.

Viktor Blom first dabbled with playing poker when he was around 14 years of age. Taught by his brother, he started playing No-Limit Texas Hold’em Heads Up for a few days with his sibling and a few of his friends. Viktor recalled playing with micro stakes with his friends wherein he’d almost always win. After a while, more and more of the people he knew from his school started playing the game too. They’d start playing poker during breaks with buy-ins that range from $3-$7, and during one lunch, Viktor fondly recalled that there are actually 25 people who turned up to play. Blom himself ended up winning out of those 25 people. When he turned 15, Viktor and his brother decided to put some money into an online poker site. The first game they’ve tried their luck on was at an MTT wherein they’ve managed to finish 5th place, earning them $300 of prize money which was quite a huge sum for them at the time. A few weeks after, Viktor’s brother created his own account elsewhere and allowed Viktor to play by himself. This is the point in which he created the new alias of “blom90”.

Weeks have passed and Blom90 was pretty much seen playing regularly at $530 sit-n-gos. After another few months, the teenage Blom had raked in winnings of roughly $275,000 in total at different poker sites. He then collected all the money from one site then proceeds to take on other sit-n-go games with much higher buy-ins. This approach, however, resulted in him losing all his hard-earned money. He then redeveloped his bankroll and proceeded to deposit $3,000 at the same poker site where he started again with higher buy-in cash games and won more and more money. When he was able to plump his bankroll into $50,000, he made an aggressive decision to take on the $310 sit-n-go regular, and again suffered major losses.

His previous downfall made Viktor Blom take a small break from poker gaming. And when he finally came back, he came back strong and determined to win. He made a deposit of SEK (Swedish Korona) 10,000 and decided to stick to Head’s Up No-Limit Hold’em Poker. After two weeks of playing has elapsed, he went from playing ½ SEK to 50/100 SEK. When Blom turned 17, he deposited the amount of $2,500 to Party Poker and won over $200,000 within just 2 days of playing. After another great stint at iPoker, Viktor Blom managed to win around $1.7 million in a mere span of two short weeks. As time passed, his nickname Blom90 stopped getting action prompting him to find a new site with a new name.

Viktor Blom’s nickname Isuldur1 first surfaced at Full Tilt Poker back in September 2009. He went unnoticed for a bit until November came and he was able to play against poker royalties in the likes of Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Cole South, Brian Townsend, and Patrik Antonius at stakes amounting to as high as $500/$1000. His poker career reached its peak on November 15th when he won and took home a total prize pot of $6 million. However, by mid-December of the same year, Blom suffered some big losses and was down to $2 million net, no thanks to his $4 million loss to Brian Hastings on December 8th when they played heads-up $500/$1000 pot-limit Omaha for a solid five hours. After his collapse in December, Isildur1 did not play on Full Tilt Poker until his return in February the following year.

It is said that Isildur1 had a bankroll of around $2000 back in the Fall of 2008. He then managed to build this bankroll up to $1.4 million and began playing for higher stakes at Full Tilt Poker in September. Blom first played against Haseeb Qureshi , another regular at the high-stakes tables, at the $100/200 stakes. Within 24 hours, Isildur1 had won roughly $500,000. He lied-low and resurfaced after a month and played against Cole South, Patrik Antonius, and Brian Townsend to which he suffered a combined loss of almost $1 million. He rebounded by winning about $2 million from South and Townsend towards the last week of October 2009.

With a cool profit of $1 million courtesy of Full Tilt Poker, Blom waited at six tables of $500/$1000 No Limit Hold’em for anyone who is willing to challenge him and play at such stakes. His initial rival was in the persona of Tom Dwan, who was then referred to as a top heads-up poker player. They played six tables simultaneously over the course of one week with 1 million dollars in play. Isildur1 won around $4 million against Dwan in one of the largest runs in online poker history.

After his spectacular wins against Dwan, Isildur1 next challenged top poker gamer Phil Ivey to play 3 tables of heads-up no limit poker at $500/$1000 stakes. Ivey obliged, crushing Isildur1 with a $3.2 million loss. After his defeat, Blom said in an interview that Phil Ivey was probably the toughest poker opponent he’s ever had.

In the months to come, Blom proceeded to play many more bouts of poker against the best names in the industry and encountered a see-saw of wins and losses. In December 2010, he got a sponsorship deal from PokerStars and stayed with them until August 2012. The details as to why Blom was removed from the Pokerstars Pro team were never divulged to the public.

His obsession with keeping his identity secret hindered him from playing in live poker competitions. But since signing with PokerStars, Blom could no longer maintain his identity a mystery. So he came out and unveiled his true identity and started playing more of live poker tournaments. His most notable so far was when he placed 16th at the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe’s Main Event and got GBP (Great Britain Pounds) 33, 582. In January 2013, Viktor Blom won his first live tournament with the $100,000 Super High Roller Event for the prize of $1,254,400.

As of this writing, Viktor Blom’s live tournament proceeds are over $2,800,000.