Our real money roulette guide covers everything you need to know about playing online roulette games for real money including, the best online roulette casinos and which ones offer free bonus money to play roulette online.

We also cover the differences in playing live and real money online roulette and the pros and cons of risking your money at online roulette games.

Real Money Online Roulette

Best Real Money Roulette 2019 – Win Real Cash Playing Roulette Online

Here’s our list of top-ranked online casinos where you can play online roulette for real money. Our experts played dozens of online roulette games in order to find the best real money roulette casinos of 2019.

If aliens landed tomorrow and asked for one example to explain the concept of casino gambling, showing them a spinning roulette wheel would be your best bet. 

Roulette represents the quintessential game of chance, with players risking real money on the random revolution of a red and black wheel. The game’s deceptively simple design offers a multitude of ways to wager, blending binary even money options like Red or Black, Odd or Even, and Low (1-18) or High (19-36) with a variety of exotic longshots. 

Those longshots are capped off by the ultimate gambler’s gamble, the single-number bet that pays off with a whopping 35 to 1 on your money. 

Real money roulette has appealed to recreational players and casino regulars alike for centuries now, and that popularity hasn’t waned whatsoever in the digital age. Just like their land-based counterparts, no online casino worth its salt would be caught dead without roulette games running around the clock.

The top-rated real money casinos online make sure to offer both European roulette – with the old-fashioned (and player-friendly) single-zero wheel – and American roulette with the double-zero wheel. These table game staples play out according to the standard rules and gameplay used in casinos worldwide. 

Along with the basic versions of online roulette, you’ll also find innovative variants like Roulette Express, No-Zero Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, and many more. All of the best online casino software platforms specialize in at least one roulette-based offshoot, and finding your favorite is part of the fun. 

Playing Real Money Online Roulette vs. Live Roulette

When you play roulette for real money in a brick and mortar casino, waiting around is half the battle. 

You’ll be waiting for fellow players to place their final bets, then comes waiting on the wheel as it slowly comes to a rest. From there, the dealer will scan the betting layout for winning wagers, scoop up all the chips lost to the house, and count out stacks to pay out happy players – all while you wait.

In the end, live roulette offers one of the slowest paces of play in all of casino gambling, averaging 36 spins per hour overall. For comparison’s sake, live craps tables see 48 rolls every 60 minutes, while live blackjack dealers can deliver 70 hands an hour on average. 

On the flip side, when you play roulette online, all of those waiting periods described above disappear entirely. Whereas you might be stuck waiting around for two minutes to start a new spin while playing live in Las Vegas, real money roulette tables online shave that down to 15 seconds or so. 

The pace of play is one of the main differences between real money online roulette and the land-based alternative, and fortunately, it’s one of only a few. 

Roulette’s simple rules make it particularly well-suited for online play, so you won’t find any hidden wrinkles added in by the house to increase its inherent advantage. None of those Triple-Zero wheels becoming increasingly prevalent along The Strip, nor diluted payouts that don’t reflect a bet’s true odds – just the classic roulette experience players know and love. 

Pros & Cons of Playing Roulette Online for Money

One of the best reasons to play roulette online over a brick and mortar casino is the affordable minimum betting limits. 

Most land-based roulette tables require a minimum of $5 to be wagered on either the “inside” or “outside” bets. You can sprinkle five $1 chips around on the inside bets, which are linked to the numbers, but any outside bet (Red or Black; Odd or Even; Low or High) must be for the full $5. 

The $5 limit isn’t really a big deal in most cases, but for folks who like to stretch their gambling bankroll as far as it’ll take them, online casinos offering $1 minimums are a goldmine. That $1 limit is attached to both inside and outside bets too, so you can feel free to back the even-money wagers without worrying about a steeper price point. 

And speaking of price points, the beauty of online roulette is how the best casino platforms have no problem offering single-zero European wheels without charging a premium. 

When you visit Sin City to get a few spins in, you simply won’t find single-zero wheels for less than $25 per spin – and most on The Strip run a $100 minimum. The reason for this surcharge is that single-zero design, which only gives the house one space to work with on even money wagers, and thus reduces the house edge to 2.70 percent. 

Instead, live casinos devote the bulk of their roulette selection to American double-zero wheels, which carry a 5.26 percent house edge. And if you find yourself in a few of the worst venues along Las Vegas Boulevard, look out for the insidious Triple-Zero Roulette™ games designed to separate suckers from their chip stacks with an obscene 7.69 percent house edge. 

The online casinos, on the other hand, don’t resort to these bait and switch tactics to trick unsuspecting players. The table game menu at any top-rated online casino site should include both American and European roulette games which both use the same low $1 limits across the board. 

One reason online gambling operators can afford to make this concession is the rapid pace of play discussed up above. Knowing players will be putting in up to eight spins per minute – rather than one spin every two minutes in a land-based casino – provides enough leeway for the online casinos to continue padding their bottom line.

Remember, a casino game’s pace of play is always relevant given the player’s negative expected return. With that in mind, make sure to avoid going overboard by turning the online roulette table into a slot machine by deliberately taking a moment or two in between spins.

Best Online Roulette Odds

By now you know all about what makes for a great game of real money online roulette, so this section will be short and sweet. 

If the game offers any other paytable than the standard version shown below, don’t bother messing around with a site that messes with a good thing:

Standard Online Roulette Pay Table

Bet Type Payout


Red or Black 1 to 1

Even or Odd 1 to 1

Low (1-18) or High (19-36) 1 to 1


1 Number (“straight”) 35 to 1

2 Numbers (“split”) 17 to 1

3 Numbers (“street”) 11 to 1

4 Numbers (“square”) 8 to 1

5 Numbers (“top-line”) 6 to 1

6 Numbers (“six-line”) 5 to 1

Columns (1st; 2nd; 3rd) 2 to 1

Dozens (1-12; 13-24; 25-36) 2 to 1

Any adjustments which reduce even a single digit on that pay table will sharply increase your house edge, so watch out for online roulette pay table impostors.

Always look for the European single-zero wheels as a supplement to American double-zero games. Online casinos too scared to spread single-zero action aren’t worth the trouble. 

And lastly, shop around with various software designers like Microgaming, Playtech, and Aristocrat to see which online roulette games look, feel, and play to your liking. Everything from the wheel and ball animations, clickable / draggable chips, a clearly readable betting layout, and results tracking to spot trends in the numbers combine to set certain software engines apart from the rest. 

Types of Online Roulette Bonuses

The best real money online roulette providers are also the ones offering juicy bonuses for both new and regular players. 

When you first sign up with a new site, be sure to check up on their Welcome Bonus terms by pulling up the Promotions page. Welcome Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, but the basic premise is a percentage match (usually 100 percent or higher) on your initial deposit. Thus, a $100 deposit backed by a 200 percent Welcome Bonus would send $300 into your starting bankroll.

And if that bankroll happens to dip into the danger zone, don’t forget about the Reload Bonus when you make subsequent deposits. Reload Bonuses are typically smaller, in the 50 percent match range on average, but they’re a great way to beef up your next bankroll boost. 

Finally, after you’ve put in a few sessions on the same site, you might just earn a No Deposit Bonus based on your frequency and volume of play. No Deposit Bonuses often need to be “claimed” to hit your account, or you could wake up to an email letting you know a few bucks in extra funds have come your way. 

For all online casino bonuses, however, you’ll need to satisfy certain “playthrough” or “rollover” wagering requirements before the funds become available for withdrawal. This makes sense too because otherwise players could simply sign up for a new site, claim a juicy Welcome Bonus, and then withdraw the free funds without ever placing a single wager. 

For the most part, you’ll see playthrough / rollover requirements set on a spectrum between 20x to 30x – which are the multiples of your combined deposit and bonus amount. In other words, that $100 deposit + $200 bonus described earlier makes it $300 total, so meeting a playthrough / rollover benchmark of 20x would require $6,000 in total wagers.

Playthrough / rollover requirements vary wildly from site to site though, so always read the Terms and Conditions page closely before choosing your next online casino. When you do, you’ll likely find that roulette bets only contribute a small portion – usually between 5-15 percent – of every dollar wagered to the playthrough / rollover mark. 

That may seem like a bum deal at first, but when you realize online roulette allows for upwards of six spins every minute, it’s easy to see why fast-paced games get watered down this way.

Live Dealer Online Roulette

Another optional feature that is becoming more and more common with modern online casinos are the Live Dealer tables. 

By setting up a film studio, and live streaming footage of trained professional dealers operating genuine casino equipment, Live Dealer roulette bridges the gap between live and online gambling like never before. 

Even though their suspicions aren’t accurate, far too many players mistakenly believe that “the computer” is capable of rigging a roulette wheel against players. In reality, strictly tested random number generators (RNGs) are used to ensure fair play, so there’s nothing to worry about in that regard. 

Nonetheless, if you still don’t like the idea of gambling on a ball and wheel you can’t even see, playing Live Dealer roulette games for real money are the ticket. 

The top Live Dealer provider is Evolution Gaming, and their dedicated studios broadcast real money action to many of the best online casinos on the market today. You’ll get to watch a human dealer do their thing, sending the silver ball spinning until it tumbles to its final resting place. 

The camera will pan and zoom in time with the wheel too, letting you enjoy that irreplaceable sweat that arrives when the ball is bouncing to and fro near your desired number. 

Real Money Roulette FAQ

How do these roulette offshoots found online, like Express, No-Zero, and Multi-Wheel, change things up?

Each of the popular real money online roulette variants mentioned here offers its own unique additions to the standard rules and gameplay. 

Roulette Express on the Gamesys N.V. software suite actually sends three balls spinning on every play, so players can wager on either one of them or all three using a variety of side bets.

No-Zero Roulette by BetVoyager simply removes the greenhouse spaces altogether, creating a 1-36 wheel. That means even money bets always offer true 50/50 odds, but the house compensates by charging a 10 percent commission on winners, in a similar setup to baccarat.

As for Multi-Wheel Roulette, this Microgaming product is particularly clever, adding eight wheels that all spin independently of one another. Players choose which wheels to activate, and their wagers are applied to each wheel for a given spin. The best comparison for Multi-Wheel Roulette is multiple-hand video poker which gives you 10, 50, or 100 chances to draw on the same starting hand.

Why would anybody play double-zero roulette when single-zero tables are on the menu too?

While it’s true that the American double-zero wheel nearly doubles your house edge, from 2.70 percent to 5.26 percent, there’s still plenty of reasons to play the riskier option.

A few online roulette variants – including Key Bet Roulette by bWin and Monopoly Roulette by SG Interactive – add special bonus spaces to the wheel to help balance out that additional “00” green space.

In other cases, players simply prefer the heightened sense of risk, and thus sweat, generated when dodging two house spaces instead of one.

In any event, the best online casinos make it easy to decide by offering both versions of the wheel in tandem, and for the same low limits to boot.

What’s the origin of real money roulette?

Roulette boasts one of the more intriguing origin stories in all of gambling, precisely because inventor Blaise Pascal wasn’t interested in gambling in the slightest.

Instead the 17th century French mathematician and physicist set out to build the world’s first perpetual motion machine – or a device capable of moving forever without additional energy input. We know today that perpetual motion violates the fundamental laws of physics, but scientists in Pascal’s era were in the dark on that front. 

After his wooden wheel contraption proved incapable of the impossible, Pascal set perpetual motion aside for more realistic pursuits. 

His “little wheel” (roulette in French) lived on, however, and with a fresh coat of red and black paint plus the numbers 0-36, a bona fide gambling classic was born.

By 1801, a French writer by the name of Jacques Lablée devoted a passage of his novel “La Roulette, ou le Jour” to a gambling game he enjoyed a few years earlier at the Palais Royal in Paris:

“There are exactly two slots reserved for the bank, whence it derives its sole mathematical advantage.

(The table) held two betting spaces containing the bank’s two numbers, zero and double zero.”

Only two years after Lablée’s book was published, the United States swapped a few million bucks for most of the American frontier in the famous Louisiana Purchase. 

French Canadians living up north began arriving in the southern states soon afterward, and those “Cajuns” brought their roulette wheels along for the ride.

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