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Brazil is something of an up and down country when it comes to gambling laws. In the past, the South American national essentially legalised gambling. However, we are going back to the 1930s here. Since the mid-1940s, gambling has, by and large, been illegal in the country. Where does this leave players today, and what does this mean for online gambling in Brazil? It is time to look at the Brazilian gambling laws, as well as the things to look for in a top site if you are considering joining a Brazilian online casino.

Can I Gamble Online in Brazil?

Officially, no. But unofficially, yes. Confused? So are most players who reside in Brazil. Unfortunately, it is not relatively straightforward to understand just how Brazil’s gambling laws work. In a nutshell, you are not permitted to wager on gambling games online. However, the Brazilian authorities do not prosecute nationals and residents who decide to wager at offshore and foreign sites. This is not without its difficulties, though, and does not exactly represent an easy ride.

A Brief Look at the Gambling Laws in Brazil

Prior to 1941, gambling was legal in the South American country. In 1941, Brazil brought forth the Criminal Contravention Act, followed by additional laws five years later, which essentially made all forms of gambling illegal in the country, including land-based, brick-and-mortar casinos.

Many illegal casinos continued to operate until as late as 1990. In all that time, the Brazilian authorities had been relatively relaxed about people who gamble illegally. This would soon change, though, and the blind eye they had turned to video slot machines and bingo halls became much more focused.

In 2008, Brazil introduced laws much akin to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the United States. This was followed a year later by the announcement that Brazilian internet service providers (ISPs) would be forced to block access to offshore gambling websites. In 2010, the country tried to take things further by attempting to block financial transactions between players and those casinos.

Where does this leave us today, though, and what does the current gambling laws say about online gambling in Brazil?

Online Gambling in Brazil

In truth, little has changed since the 2008 gambling laws were introduced. Brazilian operators are not permitted to offer gambling games to players in the country. Moreover, any foreign operators doing so could potentially be fined for breaking the law, although, the Brazilian government seldom carries out these threats. Nonetheless, the Brazilian internet service providers do still try to block as many sites as they can.

This has not been totally successful. Most Brazilian players who bet online continue to do so with offshore websites. A decent VPN (virtual private network) is all that is required to get around those blocks. As mentioned, Brazil does not prosecute its own nationals and foreign residents from visiting and wagering at these casinos. As such, online gambling in Brazil is possible, even if it is technically illegal.

Why Play at a Brazilian Online Casino?

Brazil does not permit or regulated online casino gambling. With that in mind, there is no such thing as a Brazilian online casino, right? Wrong. Instead, when we refer to a domain as a Brazilian online casino, we are talking about an offshore casino which caters to Brazilian players. As bizarre as this sounds, there are plenty of these types of sites out there. So, why would you possibly want to play at a casino website which is essentially illegal? Here are a few good reasons…

  • The Only Way to Play Online: Opting to play at an offshore casino is the only way that Brazilians can gamble online. As the Brazilian government does not permit online gambling of any kind in the country, you either must play at a foreign domain or not at all.
  • No Alternatives: It is not just online gambling which Brazil does not permit. The South American country does not tolerate land-based gambling, either. In some countries, you need not play at an offshore site, as you can play at a local, land-based outlet. That is not the case in Brazil, so popping over to a foreign internet casino is literally the only way you can gamble on sports, casino games, poker, bingo, you name it…
  • It Is Not Punishable: While the Brazilian authorities have made it clear that they do not tolerate gambling online and have taken steps to have such sites blacklisted; at least they do not punish you for playing. The same is not true in most other countries. As you can wager without fear of punishment, you are free to do as you wish.
  • Still Trustworthy: You might think that every dangerous, non-regulated, or unlicensed casino would be queuing up to offer Brazilians their services and that this might lead to a flurry of bad casinos. This is partially true. However, there are still plenty of top internet casinos which can be trusted, which are regulated, which are safe, and which do cater to the Brazilian market.
  • Responsible, Fair and Safe Gaming: Brazil is often called a religious country, and there is truth in the fact that many complaints about gambling come from the religious sector in the country. However, players should note that while gambling at Brazilian websites is addictive, there are many countermeasures in place at the best sites to help. Most top Brazilian casinos are part of problem gaming programs and only promote responsible gambling.

Finding the Best Brazilian Online Casinos

You now know that if you wish to bet online in Brazil, that you are going to have to do so from an offshore casino. However, that is not as bad as it sounds. Would it be easier if Brazil regulated casino gaming for themselves? Naturally. However, by following these short tips, you can ensure that you end up playing at a top Brazilian online casino and avoid blacklisted or rogue casinos.

  • Safe, Licensed and Secure: While there is no such thing as a Brazilian online casino gaming license, there are still licensed out there which are worth noting. Any online casino which is licensed out of Malta, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, and other regions is undoubtedly safer than one which features no licensed at all.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: It is very much possible for Brazilian players to take advantage of promos and bonuses. However, some sites have rules regarding where players must reside to claim an offer. Any bona fide Brazilian online casino will naturally carry offers and deals which are not only available to players living in Brazil, but that also have fair terms and conditions such as wagering requirements.
  • Top Casino Games: You do not want to join an online which is solely powered by Rival Gaming or RealTime Gaming. While there is nothing wrong with these software providers, websites which feature their software, seldom contain games from other providers. Ideally, you will want a variety of games from many developers, and those games should span all sorts of genres.
  • Brazilian Perks: Any casino which is advertising itself as one of the best casinos for Brazilian players will naturally offer gameplay in Portuguese. Moreover, they will also allow you to deposit, wager and withdraw using the Brazilian real. Any casino which does not could hardly claim to be one of the best online casinos in Brazil now, could it?
  • Reliable, Dependable Support: As well as offering all the services listed above, a great Brazilian online casino should also provide aid and support in Portuguese. Moreover, there should be several support options available. These should include live chat, e-mail, and possibly even toll-free telephone methods.

Yours Questions Answered: Our FAQ Guide on Brazilian Online Casino Gambling

If you have any questions which remain unanswered, it is worth reading this brief FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide to see if we have got them covered for you.

How do I pick the best Brazilian online casino?

If you scroll up, you will see all the hallmarks of the best Brazilian online casino sites. You can either judge a casino by the criteria listed above or check out any of the best casinos in Brazil recommended at this website.

Is it illegal for me to play at an online casino in Brazil?

Yes and no. Brazil has strict laws which state that you are not permitted to gamble either online or offline. However, those laws predominantly deal with Brazilian businesses, not offshore ones. Brazil does not punish its citizens who bet at foreign sites, so that avenue remains open for you, even if it is not strictly legal.

How old do I have to be to gamble in Brazil?

Officially, Brazilians must be 18 to gamble on any legal gambling activities in Brazil. This is, therefore, the same age limit to play at offshore Brazilian online casino domains.

Can I trust offshore casinos that accept Brazilian players?

In most cases, yes. Provided that you happen to play at a Brazilian online casino which is licensed, regulated, and has an excellent track record, then you should encounter little to no problems at these offshore casinos.

What deposit/withdrawal methods can I use at Brazilian casinos?

Most casinos which cater to players in Brazil tend to offer Boleto Bancario. This payment method is responsible for 15% of all online transactions in the nation. However, other options include the classic credit and debit card options, e-wallets, and prepaid vouchers. A good numbers of cryptocurrency casinos also accept players in the country.

Can I claim bonuses at Brazilian casinos?

Almost every online casino is notably different in terms of the exact bonuses and promotions they offer. You will find that these range from welcome bonuses to free spin deals, loyalty offers and much more besides. But, yes, all top Brazilian online casinos provide such bonuses.

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