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iPhone Casinos

iPhone CasinosWith the popularity of mobile devices growing year on year, with more and more people owning a smart phone device, online casinos have had to adapt accordingly.

Indeed Ofcom in 2015 produced a report that the sales of mobile devices have overtaken those of laptops for the first time.

The Apple iPhone has proven to be one of the most popular smartphones and as such all of the reviewed casinos here on CasinoRankings.com are available to play with an iPhone.

Some such online casinos like 32Red Casino even have their own dedicated casino app on the Apple Store, which players can download to their iPhone and use to access and play at the casino.

You may have noticed that the vast majority of the free play slots and also all of the free play table games which are featured on CasinoRankings.com are currently not available to play with an iPhone. This limitation, unfortunately, is out of our control, but we are continually monitoring the situation and hope to be able to provide them in the near future.

However, several of the NetEnt Slots are available to play on your iPhone if you so wish. That said, being part of the generation that grew up with the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum, I still much prefer playing at an online casino using my windows desktop or Apple MacBook.

There is no denying though, that the market share of Apple alone with their iPhone will ensure that all the best online casinos will and do cater for these devices.

Below you find a list of in our view the best online casinos which we recommend here on CasinoRankings.com most suited to the Apple iPhone.

iPad Casinos

iPad CasinosThe iPad from Apple has revolutionised how people connect to the internet and this is no different when it comes to online casinos.

As a result here on this page you will find our recommended iPad Casinos, all of which are fully optimised to be used on your Apple iPad Tablet.

Like our resource for iPhone Casinos, our best casinos for Apple iPads also allow you to download individual casino apps to install on your iPad.

So you are able to download and install dedicated online casino apps from the likes of 32Red Casino and bet365 if you so wish. However, you are also able to access these casinos direct, straight from your web browser. Whether it be Safari or any other such as Chrome or Firefox.

You will also find that the slot games play fine on your iPad when signed into the casino. So you are able to play the likes of Age of the Gods or Thunderstruck whilst on the move. It certainly helps brighten up a slow long distance train commute!

The benefit of using an iPad to play at an online casino over a mobile phone is quite obvious. The larger screen enjoyed by an iPad ( even an iPad Mini ) is superior to that of a mobile phone handset. Thus allowing you to enjoy the same clarity of graphics as enjoyed on a laptop or desktop.

Also if you have a larger sized iPad you will notice that sites which are mobile friendly won’t serve you by default the mobile layout, or the accelerated mobile pages. Which in our view is a big plus. As the mobile themes and layouts of sites are not as good as those designed for a desktop. With Desktop displays being able to be rendered fine of the larger sized iPads.

Plus by using an iPad to play online, you get the benefit of the Apple Store whereby you can download and install dedicated casino apps as mentioned above.

Below you will find our best five iPads casinos. As with playing on a desktop or laptop, when signing up to a casino account on your iPad you still are eligible for the new player bonuses listed on offer.

Android Mobile Casino Apps

Android CasinosRivaling Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices for popularity for handheld devices is Android. With the likes of Samsung carving out a considerable niche and market share in the handheld smart tech arena, it’s no surprise that demand for Android casinos has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Indeed some would argue that the range of mobile phone and tablet devices developed by Samsung are technically superior to their Apple rivals.

Whilst in my household, we are Apple converts, those that use and prefer Android devices continues to rise.

How to Play Real Money Casino Games on an Android Casino App

In short, all of the online casinos which are reviewed and recommended here on CasinoRankings.com can be enjoyed with an Android device.

However, we have gone one further and drawn up a shortlist below of in our view the best five Android Casinos which you can play at on your android device.

You will also find that if you are currently viewing CasinoRankings.com with an Android device, that you are also able to play all the free play slot games which we feature on the site. This is definitely one up on those viewing the site on an Apple iOs device!

Furthermore, those of you Android fans will also find that the casinos games reviewed here on CR are also available to play on your handset or tablet.

What is very clear is that online casino operators have adapted to the current shift towards mobile gaming devices. To this extent most are now developed with the mobile internet market very much in mind.

As is the case with the likes of the search engine google giving credence and weighting to those sites which are mobile friendly and also supporting AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ).

Mobile gaming is certainly here to stay and the benefits of playing at those Android Casinos ( Casinos that support Android handheld devices ) means you can access your favourite online casino games on the move.

All of the best 5 Android Casinos listed below also allow you to receive the same account benefits and bonuses that you would be afforded if you opened an account on a desktop or laptop.

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