Best High Limit Slot Rooms in Las Vegas

Some of the most valued casino guests can be found in the high limit slots rooms that line the Las Vegas Strip. While casinos across the country usually have their own version of high limit slots, few can compete with the selection that is found on the strip. Whether it is in terms of payback, game selection, or quality of service, it is tough to match the high limit slots rooms in Las Vegas.

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There is a number of criteria that we considered when ranking the best high limit slots casinos. We included a mix of both on the strip and off the strip options, as there are some high limit slot sections that tend to cater to locals, but are still very much in the running for “best” in the greater Las Vegas area.

#1 Venetian

Interestingly, while we rank Venetian as the best overall high limit slots room in Las Vegas, we did not include the room at its sister Sands property, Palazzo. When compared to Venetian, or the other rooms on our list, Palazzo did not make the cut.

What makes Venetian high limit slots stand out…

The level of service and privacy afforded to players in the Venetian high limit slots room is unmatched. Whether you are playing $10 per spin (generally the lowest game you will find here, with most being $20/spin when playing max credits), or $2,000 per spin, your privacy is assured. The room itself tends to be very quiet most of the time and is located in a corner where the average tourist would not think to visit, making it that much more “exclusive” to high limit slot players. 

In addition to the feeling of privacy, Venetian offers top quality drink and slot service. The slot attendants are generally pleasant and are also timely in their handpay processing. Beyond this, cocktail waitresses will usually offer a drink within minutes of when you first sit down. Even if you are simply watching a friend play, the employees will treat you well at the Venetian high limit slots room.

One of the unique features of this room, which helps to set it apart, is found in its ultra private rooms in the back section of the slots area. Super high limit machines, with mins of $100 up to a few thousand per spin, can be located in separate rooms, complete with your own TV, table, and couch. Very large players will have an employee on standby for drink service, handpays, or any other assistance.

The only drawback to Venetian’s slots, and slots at any strip property, is found in its lower payback to players. While the high limit room will have a better RTP (return to player) % than on the floor, you will find a lower rate than at off strip and/or locals casinos.

Even if you are not playing the highest limit games, the lounge located in the rear of the room is also open 24/7, and includes complimentary drinks, and for a few hours per day, snacks as well. If you have not yet visited Venetian’s high limit slots room, we suggest giving it a shot.

#2 Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan may not come to mind when you think of slots, but despite its relatively young age, Cosmo is very competitive in the high limit slots scene. Players appreciate the friendly and efficient nature of the staff, and the frequency of giveaways, promotions, and rewards through the Identity player program all combine to this room’s popularity.

Cosmopolitan’s high limit slots include a dynamic variety of games to choose from, including the very popular classic games like Pinball and Top Dollar to all of the modern video slot machines, like Buffalo, Kitty Glitter and Cleopatra. Cosmo has gone out of their way to appeal to high limit slots players, and especially those who post video of their play on YouTube. The player-first approach to high limit slots has been a winning formula for Cosmopolitan.

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#3 Aria

Aria’s high limit room, named the “Spin High Limit Room,” is one of the higher end options on the strip. Players looking to bet in the $10 or even $20 per spin range may have a tough time finding games to their liking at Aria’s high limit room, but for big players it can be the perfect fit.

There are two separate sections within the Spin Room. As you step up to the back, slightly elevated section, you will notice that the denominations are even higher than the machines near the front. Aria has a well known 7s slot machine that can be played for $5,000 per spin. This denomination, while exceptionally high, is a great illustrator of the big bets that can be found at Aria high limit slots.

The high limit room also offers “QUICKPAY,” which affords players the opportunity to bypass paperwork on W2G handpays. Use your M life card and you will be able to set up this feature. Once your information is inputted, you will be able to play without interruption for any hits over $1,200 that would otherwise require time and manual paperwork.

#4 Wynn

Wynn has always set the bar for luxury on the strip, and the same can be said for the high limit slots section. The level of customer service at Wynn slots is top notch, just as you would expect when playing on the floor. Surprisingly, there are a number of machines in the $20 range within the Wynn high limit slots room, though they are certainly in the minority.

If there is one element, other than inherent luxury, that makes Wynn slots stand apart, it would be found in their frequent and over the top promotions for big slot players. Wynn regularly holds both slot tournaments that require buy ins as well as free entry promos to avid players.

Throughout the year, players will be invited to giveaways with prize pools of $50,000, $100,000 and sometimes even larger than $250,000. Wynn may have a higher hold on their payback percentage, but they make an extra attempt to encourage repeat visits through their unmatched slot player giveaways. If you are playing slots at Wynn, make sure to use your Red Card in order to be eligible for an invite to one of these exclusive events.

#5 Green Valley Ranch/M Resort

Unless you are a Las Vegas local, there is a good chance that you have never even heard of Green Valley Ranch or M Resort. While these two casinos are off the strip and lack the glitz of many strip properties, they offer some of the best value and overall high limit slot experiences on the market.

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M Resort, like many locals casinos, offers high limit slots that start at just a few dollars. These machines, along with 99% payback video poker games, can be found in the high limit “room,” which is fenced off near the table games area. The high return to player payback percentage, combined with cashback for slots through the Marquee players card, makes M Resort a solid choice when considering where to play high limit slots in Las Vegas. If you are on the strip, expect a 10-20 minute drive to M, depending on current traffic.

Green Valley Ranch was our wild card pick for top Las Vegas high limit slots rooms. We chose GVR as a front runner for a few reasons. First, the room is very quiet and discreet. You are almost in your own casino when you play high limit slots at GVR. Next, the section connects to the high limit table games area, and it even includes its own separate bar (with 99% payback video poker!).

On top of all of this, the Green Valley Ranch staff delivers a combination of experience and friendliness that is tough to match. Payouts tend to be handled quickly, drink service is always a few steps away, and slot attendants are always available if any assistance is needed. GVR also offers generous reward points for slot players, in addition to their normal weekly and monthly promotions. The locals tend to keep GVR busy, and the high limit slots room is one of many reasons why.

M Resort, Green Valley Ranch, and almost all off the strip high limit rooms offer added value in their higher default payback percentages and player reward programs. We highly recommend giving these, and other off strip casinos, consideration when deciding which high limit slots rooms to visit in Las Vegas.

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