Bally’s is Mostly Offline, But Cool Nonetheless

Let me ask you a question –

Have you ever played slots offline? In Las Vegas? Reno? Atlantic City?

Then odds are you’re familiar with Bally’s. Or at least familiar with one of their machines.

Bally’s is a gaming software developer and distributor for both offline and online casinos. They’ve been around the block a long time – since 1968. Back then they were known as Advanced Patent Technology and later Alliance Gaming. Alliance Gaming bought Bally Gaming International in 1996, and they decided to keep the name (Bally).

Then, almost two decades later, Scientific Games bought the company for $5.1 billion.

Yes, that’s billion …with a B.

Today the company is known mostly for their (physical) slot machines. The wife and I have seen and played on several ourselves during our last couple trips to Las Vegas. The most recognizable titles we saw are Michael Jackson, Playboy, Connect Four and Let’s Make a Deal.

Bally’s has ported many of these titles – and other popular options – online. So, it’s possible to enjoy the games that have earned them more than 60 awards – in just the last four years alone – without ever having to leave your house.

That’s the good news.

As for the bad news? That’s twofold – and you’ll have to read the next two sections to find out what those are.

An Awesome, But Small Selection of Online Games

Alright, so the first piece of bad news – Bally’s has ported and distributed a tiny number of their games online.

I would guess one of the reasons why is because they’re new to the online arena, having just thrown their hat into the ring in 2013. Being as big and tech-savvy as they are, I wonder why it would take months or even years to get their games online. But I’m sure there are things I don’t know or understand about the process.

(And shortage of games is only one-half of this piece of bad news.)

One of the good things about the games they have ported online is they’re some pretty killer and recognizable titles. For example, you can play the following online:

  • Beach Boys
  • Betty Boop
  • Grease
  • Playboy
  • Michael Jackson
  • Pawn Stars
  • Titanic
  • ZZ Top

Personally, I would try to find Connect Four online because I imagine the bonus rounds would be loads of fun. Next, my pick would be Pawn Stars. In fact, I wonder if the Pawn Star guys have one of these machines in their shop.

So those are pretty cool.

But the second half of the bad news is Bally’s online game selection is limited to slots. There aren’t any table or video poker games.

That’s unfortunate because I found some games I’d be interested in playing if only Bally’s would port them online. For example:

  • Baccarat – They have your traditional game, plus 5 side bets (like Pair Plus and OneUp).
  • Blackjack – There are 11 side bets.
  • Craps – There are 2 side bets, Fire Bet and Sharp Shooter.

Then you have game variations, such as:

  • Blackjack – You can play Blackjack Switch, Burn 20, Free Bet, Never Bust or Power Blackjack. The only one I’ve heard of is Switch – all the others would damn-near unheard of online, giving them (and their casino partners) something unique to give to the public.
  • Progressives – There are 20+ progressive game options, from Caribbean Stud to Casino War to Let It Ride.

There are plenty of opportunities for Bally’s to expand their online suite of games. And a lack of games is the biggest complaint from both players and review portals.

So, I hope we see Bally’s do something about it soon.

Where Can You Find Bally’s Online?

Now for the second piece of bad news.

There are at least 20 casinos that use Bally’s software. What’s more is most, if not all of them use other software companies, too. You won’t be limited to just (one kind of) slots – you’ll be able to play table games, keno and video poker, too.

But none of this is available to US players. Sorry. For you guys I suggest reading our Real Time Gaming or BetSoft pages. You’ll find plenty of options there.

For everyone else, here are our top 5 picks for a Bally-powered casino:

  • Boyle Casino
  • Guts Casino
  • InterCasino
  • Mr Green
  • Paddy Power Casino

You’re not going to find a terrible option anywhere, nor will you find Bally’s on the rogue list at

So, choose whichever casino tickles your fancy most, and have a good time.

If their online slots are anything like their offline slots, I have no doubt you will.

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