Atlantic City Casinos Boast Plentiful Job Openings

According to the Press of Atlantic City, there are plenty of casino jobs to be had and that number is constantly growing. On top of that, the jobs that are open have been open for quite some time and are still not being filled. Being that Atlantic City has seen almost 10,000 jobs vanish in the past 5 years or so, people are under the impression that there are no jobs to be had. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

800+ Positions Available

According to iGaming, there are currently well over 800 full and part-time positions available at the present moment in time. These positions range from dealers and other positions on the casino floor, to support positions such as those in restaurants.

There are many possibilities as to why there are so many casino positions open and not being filled. One of the leading reasons is because of competition from neighboring states. Looking for employees who have casino experience, casinos in Pennsylvania and Maryland have been recruiting Atlantic City casino employees and offering them more money for the same positions at these new brick and mortar locations.

Another misnomer and false belief is that because Atlantic City has a high, localized rate of unemployment, the 800+ positions should be filled overnight. While that is a solid train of thought, Rummy Pandit, of the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, commented on how unemployment rates do not necessarily coincide with the filling of open positions. He said, “Those recently unemployed could be readjusting lifestyles and assessing future career decisions. There could be a mismatch between available positions and the type of position the labor force is looking for, for example employers may need part-time or on call employees, while potential employees may be looking for full time employment or vice versa.”

Caesar’s, which operates 3 Atlantic City casinos, is currently offering more than 500 open positions at the present moment in time. Most of the positions are not on the casino floor, but rather in the different restaurants at Caesar’s properties. Right now, Caesar’s owns and operates Caesar’s Atlantic City, Bally’s Atlantic City, and Harrah’s.

To put in perspective how dismal the current employment situation at Atlantic City casinos is compared to what it used to be, there are just over 21,000 people employed by the city’s casinos. Out of this 21,000+, 16,000 of these people are full-time employees. When Atlantic City was thriving, before states like Maryland and Pennsylvania opened up to brick and mortar gambling, there were in upwards of 50,000 people employed. Things have gone downhill in the last 10 or more years, but there are still plenty of jobs to be had. Anyone, whether you have casino worker experience or not, is urged to check out the open positions. In the opinion of many, the biggest problem preventing these jobs from being filled is the fact that the overriding belief is that there are no casino jobs available. That could not be further from the truth as the number of open jobs at Atlantic City casinos is plentiful, and growing all the time.