Arrests Made Following Series of Casino and Hotel Robberies

Two women were arrested on Thursday following a series of robberies in Billings Montana, including two casino robberies that took place within a half hour of each other. The first robbery occurred at about 10:45 PM at the Powderhorn Lounge, while the second occurred at roughly 11:10 PM at the Barrel Room.

The Two Suspects

The two robberies were suspected to be separate incidents and this eventually proved to be true. The suspect linked with the Powderhorn Lounge robbery was described as a white man in his 30s. The robbery at the Barrel Room, however, proved to be 35-year-old Meadow Lee Bighorn who was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

After being taken into custody for question, Bighorn revealed that she had not worked alone in this robbery. Heather Thompson was her accomplice and the suspect of the Western Executive Inn robbery that took place at 3 AM on Thursday morning. The two women were found in a white passenger car that had been observed leaving the Lucky Lil’s Casino after an attempted robbery on Wednesday night.

On Thursday night it was reported that a woman entered the Barrel Room bar and casino with a bandanna over her face. She pointed her covered hand to make it look like a gun and demanded money from an employee. This woman was Bighorn.

The Attempted Getaway

Robbery was not the only disturbance caused by the pair, during her questioning Thompson escaped law enforcement custody. The pair was taken to City Hall for questioning, where Thompson was left alone for what was described as a “brief period of time” and was able to walk out of the police department interview. A statement released by the department said that Thompson was not considered to be armed or dangerous and urged anyone with information regarding her location to contact the Billings Police Department. It took until Friday morning for authorities to locate and arrest Thompson again.

As of now police have made no arrests in regards to the Lucky Lil’s Casino attempted robbery and authorities have said that the case is still under investigation. Original reports of that attempted robbery stated that a man walked into the casino brandishing a gun and demanding cash. Casino robberies have become a growing concern in the state of Montana, with both the recent robberies that have taken place and also the robbery of Lucky Lil’s which took place back in November.