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Focal Click Affiliate Program

Focal Click is one of my own personal favourite affiliate programs to work with, even though I have only been promoting Omni Casino, which is one of two Focal Click properties, for little more than a year now. The key to picking a decent program to work with, is that their casinos treat their players well and they pay you the webmaster, each and every month on time.

Well Focal Click tick both these two boxes, but take it a step further by having one of the best affiliate managers in the business heading up the team at Focal Click. Elliot Resnick the AM for Focal Click is one of the nicest guys you could meet in the iGaming industry.

Elliot is very responsive to requests and emails and ensures you have everything you need from the program, in order to promote the two casinos which make up Focal Click’s affiliate program.

Elliot also happens to be very forgiving! I stood him up for a meeting in Amsterdam many years ago before he worked for Focal Click and hence to this day I still owe him a beer or several as a way of an apology. Sorry Elliot!

Lifetime Revenue at Focal Click Means Just That!

Focal Click are a very affiliate centric program and they have made a commitment to their affiliate partners to ensure there will be no negative or retroactive changes to their terms and conditions, months, or years down the road. To this extent, affiliates can be assured that new player quotas will not be introduced such as what Brightshare recently did ( May 2013 ).

The two casinos which make up Focal Click are  Omni Casino and the couple of years old Fly Casino. Both of which operate on my favourite casino software, Playtech. Additionally both casino brands that make up the portfolio of this great affiliate program are ring fenced, which in layman terms means a negative amount accrued on one brand, will not effect the earnings generated at the other brand and vice versa.

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