For many years Affactive was a popular network for online affiliate marketers. The group closed their doors in 2015, but not by choice. It turns out that the owners were mixed up in a wide range of criminal activities. Complete details are included below.


Affactive was the affiliate program for a group of online casinos often called the Winpalace group. Casino properties included Winpalace, Slots Jungle, Slots of Fortune, Jackpot Grand, Golden Cherry, Casino Titan, and Begado.

The group was owned by the same group that owned the Revenue Jet affiliate program. Revenue Jet casinos included Ruby Royal, Classy Coin, Loco Panda, Grand Parker, and OnBling.

Between the two groups, they were rated as the worst casino group by casinomeister in 2010 2011, 2013, and 2014 The only group to break the string was Rushmore in 2012.

From the affiliate side the group seemed to be a decent operation generally taking care of affiliates and paying in a reasonable time. As it turns out, this looks like a simple business strategy to get affiliates to continue promoting and saying good things about the casinos while taking advantage of the actual players.

The Internet is filled with complaints about online casinos. Many of these complaints are from players who didn’t read the terms and conditions or are upset because they lost. Potential players tend to stop taking these types of complaints seriously, especially if they keep reading glowing reviews about an online casino.

Dishonest operators know that affiliates have a financial interest in saying good things about the casinos because they get paid when players sign up and gamble.

This leads some promoters to develop positive reviews without doing enough research.

The other thing that happens is a casino operates in an above board manner for a while, building positive reviews and good will, and then starts doing things they shouldn’t. Many of the positive reviews remain up and continue bringing in new players even when the casino starts scamming customers.

The reason I mentioned this as a business strategy above is because as long as Affactive continued taking care of their affiliates they continued receiving traffic from them, even as they were doing everything they could to take money from players.


The Affactive scam is just a small part of the wide crime syndicate that the owners were involved in. The main person of interest is Gery Shalon who was allegedly involved in pump and dump penny stock schemes, hacking crimes, credit card fraud, fake prescription drugs, and online casinos.

But what really brought attention to the authorities was the breach of JPMorgan Chase that hacked the details of 83 million customers.

Other people named in the indictment include Ziv Orenstein and Joshua Aaron. Shalon and Orenstein were arrested in Israel in July 2015.

Here’s a link to the actual indictment against the owners of Affactive and Revenue Jet. It’ a long and boring legal document filled with legal sounding words, but I included the link if you want to read some of the things this group was into.

Following are additional stories including details about the charges from Calvin Ayre, who started Bodog, Casino City, and Casino Listings.

Finally here is a link to the rogue status of the casino group that Affactive represented on casinomeister. It’s listed as the Winpalace group and was rogued well before they actually closed the doors.

The criminal empire of the group behind Affactive was quite large. They’ve been accused of launching cyber attacks against other online casino groups and sites, stealing other casino’s customer lists, and a whole range of other underhanded business dealings.


We should all be thankful that a criminal organization like this has been taken down. Any time a casino group acts in this way it’s bad for the entire industry.

In one way it’s sad that they had to do something as frightening as hacking large financial institutions to be caught, but at least something is being done now.

Is Affactive legit?

No they are no longer a legitimate business. Some would argue that they were never a legitimate business because of their connection with the Palace group, but the group wasn’t universally hated or mistrusted.

Is Affactive a scam?

While they were in operation some players and affiliates did have good experiences with the Affactive group of casinos, but many were also victims of unethical behavior by the group. I never would’ve labeled the group as an outright scam until the end, but there were a host of warning signs. In the end it was a scam, but they managed to hold on for many years before it finally caught up with the owners.

Is Affactive safe?

Thankfully this group is out of business because they weren’t a safe place to play.

The rating of 1 out of 10 is the lowest possible, but a group that was involved in as many underhanded operations as this really shouldn’t have a rating at all.

While the Affactive group is no longer a threat, you need to do your best not to deal with any casino groups in the future that may have connections to this group. A criminal empire as large as this group is hard to completely wipe out and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other online casinos open that are tied to people involved with Affactive that haven’t been caught.

It can be difficult to determine if a new site is connected to this group, so your best bet is finding online casinos with a long track record of honest operation. Look over the scams in this section to find online casinos, poker rooms, and sports books that have high ratings and you’ll be well on your way to a safe playing experience.

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