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CasinoRankings.com provides authoritative and informative news and reviews of land-based and online casinos. Additionally, we cover everything that a new player needs to know to go from a beginner to a casino aficionado.

Casino Rankings delivers the most comprehensive need-to-know information in the world of casino gaming. All operational facets of the casino business are thoroughly covered. Readers enjoy first-hand reporting from the brightest thought leaders in the worldwide casino gaming industry. CR puts on several prestigious awards for the gaming industry.

Our team of veteran casino and iGaming experts analyzes and compares hundreds of brick-and-mortar and online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. After considering multiple factors including bonuses, game selections, security, and software quality, they came up with our recommendations. We work hard to keep this website up to date, so rest assured that all providers listed below are secure, reputable, and a blast to play at.

Our site aims to empower players with,

  • Honest and unbiased reviews of casinos
  • Relevant news from the gambling industry
  • Ratings of top casinos and gambling sites based on your location, age, game, odds, promotions, and trustworthiness
  • Strategy, game odds, and bonus promotion analysis to help players target more profitable gambling opportunities

Originally created to be the best place to find true casino ranking information, the team listed below has expanded the mission to include poker rooms and sportsbooks.

Learn a little more about what we do here. You’ll be glad you found us, but not as glad as we are that we found you.

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We love to hear from our readers! Feel free to contact our team with questions or comments regarding our casino articles, rankings, or reviews.

    What We Do

    The team is in charge of producing accurate reviews and reports detailing online gambling sites that offer safe play and about ones that don’t offer safe play.

    You won’t find any fake reviews here designed to get you to play where it isn’t safe. We learned a long time ago that if a site tells the truth and tries to make sure the visitors have all of the real information they need, the visitors will keep coming back and show loyalty.

    When a website actually takes the time to do a little research and publish the truth, even if the truth hurts, it stands out because it’s so different than most websites.

    This has been and always will be the goal here.

    How To Get Started

    You can get started on the home page of the site or you can skip right to the ranking sections. The top and bottom poker rooms, online casinos, and sportsbooks are ranked using our 1 to 10 system.

    Websites that find their ranking in the top are the most trusted online. Those in the bottom should be avoided at all costs. They might go out of business at any time or simply decide not to give you your money at all.

    The sites listed at the bottom of the gambling rankings are the ones that give the entire industry a bad name. If all of the sites treated their customers like the top sites in our rankings the entire industry would be more trusted and respected.

    Why Trust This Site

    When you start looking for an online casino or gambling site you don’t have to look far for a website that rates your options. This might lead some people to wonder why we’ve decided to create yet another casino review site. Why not do something unique instead of creating something that on the surface looks like other online casino rating sites?

    The main problem we have with sites that rank and review online casinos is most of them aren’t providing true reviews. Many of them give great reviews and recommendations for every site they review. Most of them don’t even bother to see if players have issued complaints or been stolen from.

    Here’s an example:

    An online casino named WinPalace was part of the Affactive group. The owners of this group were arrested in early 2015 for criminal activity unrelated to online gambling and all of their casinos were closed, including WinPalace. Even before the casino was closed it earned a reputation for delayed payouts, poor customer service, and had been accused of outright theft.

    As we’re writing this it’s almost a year after the casino closed and you can still find reviews stating how great the casino is. Here’s a partial quote from a site named casino deposit reviews.

    “… their easy to navigate website make them an up and coming star of the online gambling world.”

    Compare this to the scam review we’ve provided for the Affactive group and Winpalace.

    With just a small amount of research, you can find numerous examples of these types of reviews.

    When we see these reviews it’s obvious that many website owners simply post positive reviews and don’t bother doing any research.

    This is something we never do here.

    The reason this site is different is that if a site has a shady past they get a poor rating. When you look through the pages in the scam section you’ll quickly see that casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks that have treated players poorly get rated accordingly.

    We believe that by researching and publishing issues that these sites have it’ll provide a valuable service to you and you’ll come back to visit more in the future.

    You can find plenty of great places to gamble online that provide safe play, fair odds, and quality customer service. You just need to find a trusted source to help you find them.

    We want this site to be your trusted source.

    Please take a few minutes to look around and let me earn your trust. Read some of the reviews, both good and bad, so you can see how this site operates.

    The bottom line is if we don’t trust an online casino, sportsbook, or poker room enough to use our own money we won’t recommend it to you.

    Meet Our Team

    Learn more about the people behind the site and their areas of expertise in the short bios included in the next section.

    Kyle Kaufman
    Kyle is the person who came up with the overall concept of this site and he has been involved in the online gambling industry for over 15 years.

    He’s worked as a consultant for some of the biggest online gambling sites in the world, contributed content to leading websites, and now owns and operates a group of sites helping players find the safest places to gamble online.

    Kyle also enjoys casino and poker games of all kinds and could be considered an expert by many in the field.

    His in-depth industry knowledge helps others learn what to watch for to make sure they only play where it’s safe. He contributes content to the site on a regular basis and is in charge of managing the entire site.

    Mike Green
    Mike got his start in the gambling world playing poker over 10 years ago but has expanded his play to include casino games. He’s in charge of the content for the site, making sure everyone is writing about what they’re supposed to and getting it put in the right place when it comes in.

    His knowledge combined with over 12 years experience makes him a valuable member of the team.

    Not only is he in charge of the content produced by the rest of the team he brings his own unique writing skills to the table as well. If the page includes a deep discussion of poker the odds are good that Mike put it together. From advanced strategy to the chess-like thinking required to be a winning player, not only does Mike understand it, he also has a special knack for helping the rest of us understand it as well.

    Wendy Yang
    Wendy brings a female perspective to the male-dominated gambling world. But don’t make the mistake of underestimating her knowledge and ability.

    Just like Kyle and Mike, she has been gambling most of her life and involved with the online gambling world for over 10 years. With experience in poker, advantage play on casino games and sports betting action, Wendy brings a well-rounded gambling knowledge to the team.

    She also offers ways female gamblers can find an edge that males just don’t seem to understand. For example, do you know that many poker players alter their play against a female? This is even true online when facing a player that uses a female name, even though the player could be a male.

    Jacob Bailey
    Jacob is kind of a jack of all trades. His strong point is research. If the information is out there he can run it down and turn it into an informative article that anyone can use and learn from.

    He enjoys playing blackjack, Let It Ride, Sic Bo, and other table games, but has been known to try his luck on the slot machines from time to time. While his strong point isn’t poker or sports betting Jacob does both from time to time.

    The youngest member of the team, he also brings a perspective that older players can miss.

    Chris Larkin
    Chris is the resident sports betting expert. He’s been placing wagers on matches and games since he was 12 years old. While many members of society would cringe when thinking about a 12-year-old placing bets, they might change their mind if he was consistently winning month after month.

    Though most of the staff has experience betting on sports over the years, most of them have bet mostly on the NFL. Chris has bet on football/soccer, Major League Baseball, and the NBA.

    He also is able to offer advice about many of the big online sportsbooks like William Hill, 888, Bodog, and Bwin and he’s the only person on staff who knows much about horse or dog racing.

    Advertising Disclosure

    Casino Rankings earns revenue through the sale of advertising space and partnerships with various casinos and iGaming operators. In some cases, when you visit one of our recommended online casinos we may receive compensation from the casino site.

    This however, does not affect how we rank casinos listed on our site. Our goal is to provide players with unbiased casino reviews and recommendations based on our own experience and what we feel like is best for players.

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