888Poker keeps on Growing

The popularity of poker and playing it online has not waned over the years. Yes, consolidation has taken place and yes there was a big earthquake affect when the UIGEA was introduced in the US back in 2006.

One such online poker room that has continued to sail a course over the seas, during rough times and smooth is the 888Poker online poker room.

Now 888Poker has been around since pretty much the advent of online poker, having being established way back in 2002.  In the US, they 888Poker, used to be known as Pacific Poker.

Pacific Poker for those not aware, used to be back in the day one of the ‘Behomeths’ of the online poker universe. They unfortunately were shipwrecked pretty much by the aforementioned legislation in the United States. With the company having to change it’s strategy as such to ensure that their online poker offering would survive.

Indeed the mid 2000’s were a turbulent time for may iGaming operators that were exposed to the US marketplace. With several companies either going to the wall or being taken over. With those that were left having to pay the US Federal Govt many millions of dollars. This was to ensure they did not have the same fate as the like of BetonSports and Gary Kaplin.

So 888Poker has ridden out those particularly rough times and refocused as a result the territories which it markets itself to. After all, the US was a massive market not just for 888Poker nee Pacific Poker, but the online poker industry as a whole.

Fast forward to the present day in 2019 and 888poker is still going strong is now arguably one of the largest online poker rooms around. Which for players, whether seasoned pros, or newbie fish, the liquidity of players is of paramount importance when it comes to playing online.

Not that CasinoRankings.com is an authority on poker, far from it. But we have been known to enjoy the odd game of Texas Holdem from time to time. Indeed, during the early years of CR, when we hosted a dedicated forum for our visitors, we even held the odd Poker Freeroll. Now this is a trip down memory lane!

With changes to online gambling legislation in some states during 2013, this marked a return for 888 to the US Market. In particular the states of New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware.

888Poker Tournaments

One of the areas that 888Poker is renowned for is the online tournaments they run, which allow participants to win some truly great prized. Including entry tickets to the World Series of Poker, the poker tournaments of poker tournaments. As 888Poker have been the WSOP main sponsor since 2014.

With online tournaments at 888Poker offering some superb rewards and with ‘tournies’ running on pretty much a daily basis, this is a particular hit with their players.

888Poker Ambassadors

No truly great online poker room would be without some great ambassadors of the ‘sport’ from the online poker world and 888 is no different. With the likes of poker pros Dominik Nitsche and Martin Jacobson joined by celebrity ambassadors such as the cricketer Shane Warne.

All of whom promote the poker room and are officially part of Team 888Poker.

Is 888Poker a Good Fit for You

As mentioned above, we here at CasinoRankings.com are not poker people, we like to dabble, but experts we are certainly not.

In terms of player liquidity 888Poker is certainly one of the better online poker rooms around to choose from. They certainly also have prominent names associated with their room and being the main sponsor of the WSOP is good kudos in it’s own right.

So in our view there is no harm in checking them out. If you do, let us know how you get on, by posting on our CR’s Facebook page.