5 Reasons Facebook Slots are Gaining Popularity

Facebook logo with slots, roulette, and playing cardsFacebook slots are fast becoming one of the most popular types of games to be played on social media. As we see this trend continue to grow, it’s hard not to wonder what’s behind their success. Though slot games have been popular all across the world for years now, it has not been until recently that they have started to pop up as an option on our popular social media sites.

It makes you wonder why these games are such a big draw, when at first glance it might seem like there are no benefits to playing them. After digging deeper, we found that there are a lot of things that Facebook does right when it comes to their interactive online games. The following are the five biggest reasons that we have discovered behind the success of simple slot games on the Facebook platform.

1. It’s 100% Legal

First off, you need to realize that gambling with real money online is only legal in only a small portion of the United States. With a large majority of Facebook users being based out of the U.S., Facebook slot games give people a way to “gamble” online with friends in a legal setting (note: you cannot gamble for real dollar payoffs on Facebook). Though still not a perfect solution, these games are likely the closest that you will get to real gambling.

2. Social Interaction

Since the slot games available on Facebook are built on a social media platform, they can hook into our social network and play on our inherent need to interact with one another. Nothing else online comes closer to a casino feel than when you are competing against your friends through your favorite Facebook slots game. You can challenge each other to see who can get the biggest win and then compare results later on.

3. Free Entertainment

When signing up to play a popular Facebook slots game you know from the start that you will not be winning real cash. This helps to take away the feeling of risk and you can enjoy playing the game in and of itself. If you do decide to spend a few dollars on the game it will be well worth it because you will often unlock premium play modes in addition to other advanced-play settings.

4. Feel like a High-Roller

Generally speaking, most of us don’t have large sums of money to spend at the casino. If you do go to one, you probably have a set amount that you can spend that’s your limit for the day. However, with online gambling you get to spend as much as you want. For just a few bucks you can purchase millions of chips. Many games even give you chips for inviting others to play with you. No matter how you do it though, most games have dollar sums in the millions. This means that you get to feel what it would be like to win a multi-million dollar payout. You can also get the thrill of risking it all without losing your shirt.

5. Goal Achievement

Facebook slot games have played on the success of the previous titans of online games to reach their seemingly overnight levels of success. All of the top Facebook slots games that are currently available boast a solid system for advancing through the game. The more often you play the bigger and better prizes that you will get. You also get the chance to unlock additional casino floors to access and in time maybe you can reach VIP level. As you play you will want to play more and more to reach those higher levels that you keep hearing about.

Once you jump into the exciting world that is offered by Facebook slot games you’ll begin to understand just why these games are so popular on a deeper level. Facebook slot games were designed with you in mind. They use common techniques to keep the games exciting and exhilarating. By playing on your base nature and your want for a game that satisfies your cravings, these games go a long way towards filling a niche that has been lying empty for years. Facebook slots games are even beginning to have an impact on long-established casinos.

Many of these casinos realize that the mobile platform is so huge that they need to get in on it. This is why many casinos are beginning to offer their own online apps so that you can get used to playing their games. These apps differ from Facebook slots games however, because their ultimate purpose is to get you to come to their casino. The great thing is, these free games are great practice if you want to move on to the real thing, or are in one of the States where online gambling is legal. Otherwise, you might want to watch out for any Casino-based gambling apps. It’s better to stick with the safer Facebook slots alternative if you’re not looking to bet real money.

Once you begin to navigate through the Facebook slots world, you will quickly get a feel for how these games work. Then after you have mastered the basics, you might want to consider adding a few friends to compete with. Usually you get bonuses for adding more friends to join your Facebook slot games, and you also get the upside of competing with people that you actually know. This way you all get the chance to go head to head in an online Facebook slots match with bragging rights in the balance. No matter what route you decide to go with your favorite Facebook slot game, we can be sure of one thing: Facebook slot games are super addictive and a ton of fun.

We know that there is still a lot to be discovered when it comes to games on social media and we believe that Facebook slots games are still in their infancy. It will be interesting to see which new and exciting directions Facebook slots take in the years to come.

Do you play Facebook slots? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below to tell us which Facebook slot games you play and why you love playing them.