2018 World Cup Betting

Lasting just over a month in duration, the 2018 World Cup is here. The games start today, June 14th and conclude with the championship match on July 15th. There are several different cities and stadiums that the games will be played in, all of which are located in Russia.

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The length of the World Cup combined with the volume of matches to be played provides sports bettors with a virtually limitless selection of wagering opportunities. Fans will be able to bet on everything from individual games to prop and futures bets that are determined at the conclusion of the final game. Many unique bets are also created by the online sportsbooks specifically for FIFA World Cup 2018. When compared to betting at a physical sportsbook, the options for placing soccer bets online are very expansive.

Top World Cup 2018 Sportsbook

While there is no shortage of different sportsbooks to choose from online, there are a handful that we have chosen as the best choices for betting on the 2018 World Cup in particular. We chose these specific bookmakers because they offer a wide range of betting options, fair and competitive odds, and include generous signup and deposit bonuses. In addition, each of these books have substantial history, making them trustworthy options for betting on soccer online.

1.) MyBookie.ag

MyBookie is one of the oldest and most well-known online sportsbooks, and they have gone out of their way to promote the 2018 World Cup with a number of unique and exact betting opportunities. The list of “special bets” for the World Cup at MYB include standard prop bets, like betting on the winner of the Golden Ball or Golden Glove Awards to Double Chance bets (where you can pick two different teams to win the championship, as opposed to only one winner) and even wagers on the exact matchup of the finalists who will compete in the last game of the World Cup. You can even bet on the exact final result, betting on the winner as well as the team who will ultimately lose in the final. These sorts of more exotic bets are not normally available, and while they may be difficult to accurately predict, will pay out a large amount to anyone who is able to bet correctly.

In addition to all of the different 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia bets that MyBookie is offering, they are also a US friendly online sportsbook, accepting bettors from both the United States and around the world. The sportsbook accepts a number of different deposit methods and is featuring exclusive deposit bonuses for bettors who sign up during the World Cup. In addition to debit and credit cards, MyBookie.ag also allows bettors to fund their real money accounts with a variety of other options, including ACH (bank transfers), wires, and even Bitcoin.

The reputation and history of MyBookie is one of our primary reasons for choosing this online sportsbook as the best choice for betting on the World Cup. You can be assured that your funds are safe and that you will be paid out in a timely manner. When it comes to betting on the 2018 World Cup, you will be hard pressed to find a better online sportsbook than MyBookie.ag.

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2.) BookMaker.eu

Another online sports betting site with an awful lot of history in the industry is BookMaker. In fact, BookMaker.eu is widely regarded as the longest continuously running online sportsbook in operation today. With nearly two decades of experience, all players should feel secure betting on the World Cup at BookMaker.eu.

BookMaker has been making a big push in their efforts to offer the most complete selection of available bets on the 2018 World Cup. Perhaps the biggest selling point to betting on the games at BookMaker is found in their live betting selections. The sportsbook is known for their easy to use and very dynamic assortment of live betting options, both in soccer and all other major sports around the world.

Beyond World Cup live and in-match betting, BookMaker has a very lengthy list of game, team, player and tournament props and future wagers. Bettors can place wagers on everything from individual player goals, to team goals, to group betting. You can even bet on teams to finish in last or any other specific result. In short, if you can imagine a possible World Cup Russia bet, the odds are that BookMaker has it available.

If you plan to place the majority, or any, of your FIFA World Cup bets on your phone, then you will again find BookMaker to be your best choice. Beyond the convenient mobile betting, new signups at BookMaker.eu will also be eligible for $1,000 in deposit match bonuses, available for use in your bets on World Cup games or any other sporting events at the site.

The list of deposit and withdrawal options at BookMaker.eu is comprehensive, ranging from credit/debit cards to the largest number of cryptocurrencies of any online sportsbook in the world, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. There is also a rewards program that allots BetPoints to bettors as well, cash back deals and a number of ongoing promotions. BookMaker.eu accepts bettors from the United States and around the world, making it one of the premier options for betting on the 2018 World Cup online.

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Types of 2018 World Cup Bets

If you browse a number of online sportsbooks, chances are that you will find each one offering a few bets that can’t be found at others. The World Cup is such a significant event in the world of sports betting that many unique bets are created just for this tournament. This is similar to the creative and unusual prop bets and futures bets that can be made on the Super Bowl, except World Cup bets can be placed for a full month. Here is a list of some of the types of bets that can be readily placed online for the 2018 World Cup.

2018 World Cup Match Bets

The most common bets on the 2018 World Cup are the same type of wagers placed on normal matches. You can choose to bet on the winner moneyline, wager on the goal line, or wager on the total number of goals scored. Standard draw lines are also offered for the World Cup matches.

Bettors should expect these lines to be up a few days in advance of each match, as the sportsbooks are prepared for heavy betting action and waste no time making sure that the lines and odds are ready for bettors well before the matches take place.

2018 World Cup Player/Team Goal Totals Bets

Goal prop bets carry a bit higher juice than you will find on normal match bets, usually around 30-40 cents total, with most being on the higher range of this spectrum. With goal totals bets, you will be able to bet on the over/under on amount of goals that either an individual player or an entire team will score during the entire World Cup. For example, you may bet that Cristiano Ronaldo will score over 2.5 goals, or that Brazil will score under 9.5 goals in the entire tournament.

These bets are especially difficult to predict, as they are dependent on many factors including injuries, how many matches a team ultimately plays, and so on. This is why you will pay more vig when making these particular prop bets, but they can be quite profitable if you are able to find an edge over the books.

2018 World Cup Award Prop Bets

Betting on FIFA World Cup awards is akin to betting on a league MVP or a playoff series MVP. There are a handful of sizable favorites to win the awards, including the Golden Ball and Golden Glove, with the primary consideration being that the players are on a team with a high probability of winning. 

Even the Golden Ball winner favorite, Neymar, is +750 to win, so picking the right players in these World Cup awards prop bets will pay off handsomely for the correct picks. Longshot players can pay 50/1 or even 100/1, making these wagers a tempting option for a potential big win.

Betting Favorites to Win 2018 World Cup

While each individual match has varied favorites and betting ods, there are a handful of decisive betting favorites to win the 2018 World Cup outright. The favorite going into the event is Brazil, sitting at +400, followed by Germany at +490 and then France, Spain and Argentina. The teams behind these favorites are all greater than 10/1 odds to win the World Cup, with big underdogs like South Korea or Tunisia coming in at 75/1-100/1 betting odds.

The favorites are certainly the most likely teams to end up winning the World Cup, but wagers are available if you feel that an underdog might be able to steal away the championship.

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